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Updating Information for FreeBSD ports developers
This file is maintained by portmgr@FreeBSD.org and copyrighted by the
FreeBSD Foundation.
This file contains major changes to ports and the ports infrastructure.
Intended audience are ports committers, maintainers and other
developers. User oriented changes should be submitted for inclusion
in the release notes and/or placed into UPDATING.
All ports committers are allowed to commit to this file.
AUTHOR: sunpoet@FreeBSD.org
USE_PYTHON=cryptography{,_build,_test} has been added to the ports tree.
20230722 entry is obsoleted now. All existing USES=pycryptography* have
been converted to USE_PYTHON=cryptography{,_build,_test} in PR 273727.
USE_PYTHON=cryptography_build adds security/py-cryptography to BUILD_DEPENDS
USE_PYTHON=cryptography adds security/py-cryptography to RUN_DEPENDS
USE_PYTHON=cryptography_test adds security/py-cryptography to TEST_DEPENDS
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
USES=llvm.mk now supports 'export' (default) and 'noexport' arguments.
When export is set, CC, CXX and CPP will be set to the path corresponding
to the chosen llvm-version.
AUTHOR: jhale@FreeBSD.org
A new uses 'ebur128' has been added to transparently depend on the
proper variant of 'rust' or 'legacy' depending on the default version
set by the user.
Usage: USES=ebur128:ARGS
Valid ARGS: <none>, build, lib, run, test
<none>: (default) same as lib
build: add BUILD_DEPENDS
lib: add LIB_DEPENDS
run: add RUN_DEPENDS
test: add TEST_DEPENDS
If you prefer not to use rust, add the following to your make.conf:
AUTHOR: andrew@tao11.riddles.org.uk, fuz@FreeBSD.org
A new uses 'guile' has been added to transparently depend on the
proper variant of guile depending on the default version set by the
user and the demands of the port.
See Mk/Uses/guile.mk for in-depth documentation.
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
A new uses 'pycryptography' has been added to transparently depend on the
proper variant of 'rust' or 'legacy' depending on the default version set
by the user.
Supported arguments: <none>,build,run
Passing no arguments (<none>) is equivalent to passing both build and run.
-> adds a BUILD_DEPENDS only
-> adds a RUN_DEPENDS only
-> adds a TEST_DEPENDS only
USES=pycryptography:build,run or USES=pycryptography
-> adds a BUILD_ and RUN_DEPENDS
AUTHOR: zirias@FreeBSD.org
USE_GITLAB has been changed to allow fetching by tag name. This was done by
removing the GL_COMMIT variable and introducing GL_TAGNAME instead.
Similar to USE_GITHUB/GH_TAGNAME, you can still use a commit hash with
GL_TAGNAME (the full 40-character hash is required for that). If not
specified, GL_TAGNAME defaults to DISTVERSIONFULL.
Note fetching by tag name might not work on gitlab installations running
very old versions; in that case, you must still specify a commit hash.
For now, GL_COMMIT is still recognized but deprecated, using it will issue
a warning in developer mode.
AUTHOR: 0mp@FreeBSD.org
Two new targets are now available: fetch-url-recursive-list
and fetch-urlall-recursive-list. They are the recursive variants
of the well-established targets fetch-url-list and fetch-urlall-list,
which allow for listing the complete URLs of DISTFILES and PATCHFILES
of a port. The recursive variants add the URLs of the port's dependencies
to the output.
AUTHOR: zirias@FreeBSD.org
USES=magick has been updated based on flavorized ports.
A new argument 'x11' is available to specifically depend on the flavor
with X11 support. Fallback to DEFAULT_VERSIONS now happens
independently for the version (currently 6 or 7) and the flavor
(currently x11 or nox11).
Only use arguments for version or flavor if your port really requires
it. Also, there is no need to add options for selecting the -nox11
flavor any more, as the user setting in DEFAULT_VERSIONS will be
AUTHOR: vishwin@FreeBSD.org
USE_PYTHON=pep517 has been added to facilitate building using the
new format.
USE_PYTHON=pep517 takes no arguments. Operation is similar to
USE_PYTHON=distutils, although the build backend specified in
pyproject.toml shall be specified in BUILD_DEPENDS.
A usage guide and implementation primer is available at:
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
USES=llvm has been added to more easily depend on llvm.
USES=llvm supports two kinds of arguments:
* mode
<none>: defaults to build
build: add a BUILD_DEPENDS on chosen llvm-port
run: add a RUN_DEPENDS on chosen llvm-port
lib: add a LIB_DEPENDS on chosen llvm-port
* version
<none>: defaults to ${LLVM_DEFAULT}
number: use explicitly the specified version
min=number: use specified min if ${LLVM_DEFAULT} is lower
max=number: use specified max if ${LLVM_DEFAULT} is higher
An example usage might be:
USES= llvm
USES= llvm:13,build
USES= llvm:min=14,lib
The following variables are exposed to be used in the ports tree at the moment:
* LLVM_VERSION version chosen from the arguments to llvm.mk
* LLVM_PORT chosen llvm port
* LLVM_CONFIG llvm-config of the chosen port
* LLVM_LIBLLVM libLLVM.so of the chosen port
* LLVM_PREFIX installation prefix of the chosen port
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
3 new features are available now: PIE, RELRO, BIND_NOW, each port can
specify the inability to support any via <feature>_UNSAFE
All 3 are off by default, the intent is to activate following the freebsd
base activation of the same features.
End users can activate/deactivate globally via WITH_/WITHOUT_ <feature>
AUTHOR: adamw@FreeBSD.org
USES=luajit has been added to support a unified luajit version. The
default here is luajit-devel, which should be the right version for
nearly everybody.
luajit-openresty is a drop-in replacement for anything that luajit-devel
works in, though not necessarily the other way around. If a program uses
the openresty-specific API then you will need USES=luajit:luajit-openresty.
The standard USES for most ports:
For anything that requires the openresty API:
AUTHOR: zirias@FreeBSD.org
kde.mk, qt.mk and pyqt.mk now use a colon for component suffixes
Suffixes for build, run and test (for pyqt) dependencies used an underscore
previously. This was not in line with most other USES, using a colon for
that purpose.
So if you previously had for example
USE_QT= buildtools_build
replace it with
USE_QT= buildtools:build
AUTHOR: se@FreeBSD.org
The convention of a WWW: line at the end of each port's pkg-descr file
has been changed to a WWW= definition in the port's Makefile. All ports
have been converted to follow this new scheme.
The portlint and portfmt ports will be updated, but may erroneously flag
the new convention as incorrect until the new versions have been installed.
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
A new Uses for 'vala' has been added.
To depend on libvala, use
to only add a build-time dependency, use
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
qt.mk now supports both Qt 5 and Qt 6.
To make use of Qt6 write:
USE_QT=list of Qt6 components
Please take a look at qt.mk to see the available components.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
'Created by' are being removed from the ports makefiles.
Created by lines have historically been used to attribute contributions
to the original creators of the ports. However, those might no longer
be contributing to the port
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added to handle dependency on gstreamer.
Instead of writing
USE_GSTREAMER1=[list of components]
you now have to write
USE_GSTREAMER=[list of components]
If your port previously set just
this now is simply
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added to handle testing with pytest.
USES= pytest
Introduces dependency on pytest and adds do-test target which calls
pytest with the right environment and arguments.
Additionally, PYTEST_{IGNORED,BROKEN}_TESTS knobs are provided for
skipping failing tests in a convenient and documented way.
AUTHOR: jrm@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added to change an ELF binary's feature control note.
USES= elfctl
ELF_FEATURES= +noaslr,wxneeded:foo \
-noprotmax:foo \
Turns on noaslr and wxneeded and turns off noprotmax for the ELF
binary foo and turns on nostackgap for the ELF binary bar.
The file paths listed in ELF_FEATURES are relative to ${BUILD_WRKSRC}.
File modifications are made post-build as certain test targets may run on
the build-tree binaries.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
PyQt modules have been merged into devel/py-qt5-pyqt.
This allows us to simplify PyQt framework and to be in adequacy with the
packages that the author of these libraries proposes, namely:
* PyQt - devel/py-qt5-pyqt
* PyQt-Charts - x11-toolkits/py-qt5-chart
* PyQt-NetworkAuth net/py-qt5-networkauth
* PyQt-WebEngine www/py-qt5-webengine
* SIP devel/py-sip
* py-sip - devel/py-qt5-sip
* PyQt-builder - devel/py-qtbuilder
* Qscintilla - devel/py-qt5-qscintilla2
Ports depending on PyQt, must be declared with USE_PYQT=pyqt5 instead of
USE_PYQT=core gui svg etc.
AUTHOR: tobik@FreeBSD.org
USE_XORG have been deprecated for a while. For migration
purposes the framework automatically loaded the corresponding
USES={gl,gnome,mate,php,sdl,xorg} with a warning. The migration
period is now over and you must add the USES manually for USE_*
to have any effect.
AUTHOR: se@FreeBSD.org
and 13-STABLE after this date have been made compatible with GLIBC
conventions. Specifically, they now take 3 arguments instead of 2.
Ports can check whether the CPU_ALLOC macro is defined and then
use the 3 parameter form, e.g.:
#ifdef CPU_ALLOC
CPU_AND(dst, dst, src);
CPU_AND(dst, src);
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added to depend on ImageMagick.
adds a LIB_DEPENDS on graphics/ImageMagick${IMAGEMAGICK_DEFAULT}.
If a specific version is required, use for example
USES=magick:6 resp. USES=magick:7
If only a build, run or test is required, use for example
USES=magick:build resp. USES=magick:6,build,test
If a dependency on the nox11 flavor is required, use for example
USES=magick:nox11 resp. USES=magick:7,nox11,run,test
See magick.mk for more details on the available flags.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The default compression for INDEX file as fetch via make fetchindex has
switched from .bz2 to .xz (.zst is also available).
The .bz2 format is still available but is considered deprecated and may
be removed in the future.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
INSTALLS_ICONS has been replace by a trigger on gtk-update-icon-cache.
the macro does nothing anymore.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added, to simplify the integration of triggers in
the ports tree.
AUTHOR: delphij@FreeBSD.org
WANT_OPENLDAP_SASL is removed now that OpenLDAP is always built with
SASL support.
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
A new USES has been added to depend on the mlt multimedia framework.
Ports that depend on mlt should now use USES=mlt:<version> to specify
their dependency.
At the moment the supported version is 6, but will be extended to also
allow for selection of mlt 7 shortly.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
The prepare-commit-msg hook was enhanced to auto-fill the first line of the
commit with the category/port in case only one port was committed to.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
PYTHON_REL has been switched from a 4 digits number to a 5 digits number to
handle python 3.10.0. Ports checking for python 3.7.10 should compare
PYTHON_REL against 30710 and ports checking for python 3.10.0 should compare
PYTHON_REL against 31000.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
A prepare-commit-msg hook was added to the repository. This hooks prepares
the commit message template for specific ports tree usage.
To make use of it, the easiest way is to run:
git config --add core.hooksPath .hooks
AUTHOR: gnome@FreeBSD.org
New default version for librsvg2.
Current versions of graphics/librsvg2 are using parts written in rust.
For architectures that do not have support for rust, and for people
who prefer not to have, or are not able to compile rust software due
to hardware limitations, the version can be chosen via this new flag.
The default on almost all architectures is rust.
If you prefer no to use rust, add the following to your make.conf:
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New @touch keyword
Its purpose is to ensure that a file is being created at install time
while not necessary tracked by the package.
AUTHOR: pauamma@gundo.com
New virtual category: education.
This category comprises ports that are mainly educational in nature or
purpose, such as:
* course-writing or course-delivery applications,
* classroom or school management applications (eg, scheduling classes),
* applications, utilities, or games primarily or substantially designed
to help the user learn a specific topic or study in general, like typing
tutors, flashcard applications, or educational games.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Patents are a complicated topic, and their regulation varies depending on
jurisdiction. Patents are not necessarily related to the license and so
should not be connected to the license framework.
Patent limitations within the ports tree have been removed and left to the
user or consumer to deal with their local legislation to determine if they
can use the software without legal restrictions.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New @rmempty keyword
Its purpose is to delete empty files at deinstallation time. It is meant
to be used for generated files/untracked by the package manager files.
It respects rootdir
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
@shell has been rewritten in lua
It provides the exact same feature set as the previous version but it is now
sandboxed and rootdir compliant (see the pkg -r option).
AUTHOR: manu@FreeBSD.org
The @sample keyword was rewritten in lua.
It behaves exactly like the previous one but it is sandboxed and
is rootdir compliant (see pkg -r option).
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
packages scripts and keywords can both be written in lua (version 5.3), see
pkg-lua-script(5) for the API.
Note that all scripts written in lua will:
- run inside a capsicum sandbox,
- be rootdir compatible (see pkg -r option)
- be cross installation compatible example: installing packages in an arm64
rootdir on and amd64 host.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
pyqt.mk gained support for test-only dependencies. If a component, say
py-qt5-gui is only required for testing, you can add
USE_PYQT=<other_deps> gui_test
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Add PATCH_CONTINUE_ON_FAIL to allow patching to go through all the patches
even if one fail.
This helps when upgrading ports with a large number of patches, like
www/chromium where having to fix one patch, re-do the patching, fix the
fallout, 800 times, is really painful.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
package scripts can now be done in lua, the following are supported:
- pkg-pre-install.lua
- pkg-post-install.lua
- pkg-pre-deinstall.lua
- pkg-post-deinstall.lua
see pkg-lua-script(5) for more details.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USES=lua gained flavors.
Ports using USES=lua:module or lua:flavors will be flavored. A range of
supported lua versions can be set using XX-YY (or XX-, or -YY, or simply ZZ)
for ports not supporting all lua versions.
USES=lua sets LUA_FLAVOR that needs to be used on all dependencies of
flavored lua ports, in a similar way as PHP or Python flavors.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
${PREFIX}/share/man is now a valid location for manpages ${PREFIX}/man being
considered as deprecated.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The ipv6 virtual category is gone, it does not make sense anymore in 2019
where the norm in applications is to have support both ipv4 and ipv6.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
BINARY_WRAPPERS allow to push in front of the PATH wrappers for binaries.
This is useful when 2 tools do provide the same feature, but the configure
scripts do test for some variables which are not in one of the tool.
AUTHOR: madpilot@FreeBSD.org
USES=xfce now defaults to gtk3, so for ported applications requiring
GTK2 XFCE support USES=xfce:gtk2 should be used.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The ports tree now supports overlays
overlays are a way to help users to integrate their own ports tree
with the official ports tree without having to maintain clone of the
official tree and remerge on regular basis.
The ports tree will lookup in the overlays (in the order the are listed in
OVERLAY variable) for the dependencies and the USES. It will use the first
in order to use it the user have to declare his overlays that way in their
OVERLAYS= overlay1 overlay2 overlay3
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
cmake.mk now defaults to out-of-sourcetree builds. The option 'outsource'
has been removed. Ports that need an intree build now can pass 'insource'.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
texinfo files are now installed in ${PREFIX}/share/info
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
bsd.qt.mk has been replaced by qt.mk. This changes the way ports have to
depend on Qt slightly.
Previously one would have written
USE_QT4=foo bar
USE_QT5=foo bar
while now one has to write
USE_QT=foo bar
USE_QT=foo bar
Further qmake.mk no longer respects QT_NONSTANDARD. Ports that don't want to
get the configure environment provided by qmake.mk should add the argument
no_env, ports that don't want the configure target should specify no_configure.
AUTHOR: brnrd@FreeBSD.org
All USE_ and WANT_ variables for PHP have been removed and marked
UNSUPPORTED. Use USES= php:<feature> as a replacement.
AUTHOR: brnrd@FreeBSD.org
USE_APACHE has been replaced by USES=apache.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Ports using USES=php:phpize, php:ext, php:zend, and php:pecl are now
flavored. They will automatically get flavors (php56, php70, php71, php72)
depending of the versions they support (set with IGNORE_WITH_PHP). As a
consequence, ports using USES=pear and USES=horde are also flavored.
As all packages must have different package names, the following variables
Variable + Values +
PHP_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56- php72- | PHP Extensions
| | and modules
PHP_PKGNAMESUFFIX | -php56 -php72 | PHP Applications
PECL_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pecl- | PECL extensions
| | automatic
PEAR_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pear- | PEAR modules
| | without PEAR_CHANNEL
PEAR_<channel>_PKGNAMEPREFIX | php56-pear-channel- | with PEAR_CHANNEL
| | automatic
In all the ports with PHP dependencies, the *_DEPENDS entries MUST end with
the flavor so that the framework knows which to build/use. This is done by
appending '@${PHP_FLAVOR}' after the origin. For example:
RUN_DEPENDS= ${PEAR_PKGNAMEPREFIX}Validate>=0.5.0:devel/pear-Validate@${PHP_FLAVOR} \
${PECL_PKGNAMEPREFIX}smbclient>=0.8.0:net/pecl-smbclient@${PHP_FLAVOR} \
PHP applications (for example, www/wordpress) can also get flavors, add the
flavors keyword to USES=php, for example: USES=php:flavors, and add
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Add support to passing directories to EXTRA_PATCHES.
Instead of:
EXTRA_PATCHES= ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo-patch-file.c \
${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo-patch-file.h \
Move those files to ${PATCHDIR}/feat-foo/, name them patch-*, and set:
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
PYTHON3_DEFAULT_VERSION have been removed.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
USES=qmake now accepts a new variable, QMAKE_CONFIGURE_ARGS.
Starting with Qt 5.8.0, qmake can use configure.json files to help define
configuration options and configuration time checks. These options are
generally in the form '-foo -no-bar', and must be passed after "--" at the
end of qmake's command line.
The QMAKE_CONFIGURE_ARGS variable allows one to set those options, and
USES=qmake takes care of passing them at the right position when invoking
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
There is a new USES=eigen to depend on math/eigen[23].
version: 2 or 3 (required)
type: build (default), run
For example:
will add a BUILD- and RUN_DEPENDS on math/eigen2, and
will add a BUILD_DEPENDS on math/eigen3.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
USES=cmake now supports two additional list variables:
* CMAKE_ON : List of variables to turn on
* CMAKE_OFF : List of variables to turn off
This can be used as a shortcut to append these to CMAKE_ARGS.
For example ports that previously set
can now set this as
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Ports using USE_PYTHON=distutils are now flavored. They will automatically
get flavors (py27, py34, py35, py36) depending on what versions they support.
There is also a USE_PYTHON=flavors for ports that do not use distutils but
need FLAVORS to be set. A USE_PYTHON=noflavors can be set if the port is
using distutils but flavors are not wanted.
A new USE_PYTHON=optsuffix that will add PYTHON_PKGNAMESUFFIX has been added
to cope with Python ports that did not have the Python PKGNAMEPREFIX but are
USES=python now also exports a PY_FLAVOR variable that contains the current
python flavor. It can be used in dependency lines when the port itself is
not python flavored, for example, deskutils/calibre.
By default it will only generate flavors for the versions in PYTHON2_DEFAULT
and PYTHON3_DEFAULT. Define BUILD_ALL_PYTHON_FLAVORS in your make.conf to
generate all possible flavors. A port can set USE_PYTHON=allflavors to have
all the flavors and not simply the default ones.
In all the ports with Python dependencies, the *_DEPENDS entries MUST end
with the flavor so that the framework knows which to build/use. This is done
by appending '@${PY_FLAVOR}' after the origin. For example:
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
To help with flavored ports, helpers are available. In these, replace <*>
with the flavor name.
*_PKGNAMEPREFIX *_PKGNAMESUFFIX *_PLIST *_DESCR will overwrite the variable.
*_LIB_DEPENDS *_RUN_DEPENDS *_TEST_DEPENDS will append to the variable.
For example:
flavor2_PKGNAMESUFFIX= -foo
can replace:
.if ${FLAVOR:U} == flavor2
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Flavors are a way to have multiple variations of a port. The port is built
multiple times, with the variations. To declare flavors, set the FLAVORS
variable to the flavors you want defined. The first flavor will be the
FLAVORS= flavor1 flavor2
The flavors MUST be lowercase, and can contain [[:lower:][:digit:]_].
Then, when building the port, pass the FLAVOR as an argument after make to
select the flavor.
$ make install FLAVOR=flavor2
In the port, you can then change the behavior depending on the value of the
FLAVOR variable. Note that the different flavors MUST have different
PKGNAMEs. Be sure to guard against an empty FLAVOR variable by using
.if ${FLAVOR:U} == flavor2
A tools guide is available at:
A port migration guide is available at:
AUTHOR: ak@FreeBSD.org
The USES=fmake has been removed. It was created to help migration from
old FreeBSD make (pmake) and there are no more users of it left in
the ports tree.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Remove WANT_GNOME and HAVE_GNOME, they were in disuse, and made useless by
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New BINARY_ALIAS variable has been added, when defined it will create symlinks
of some given binaries in a directory which will be prepended to the PATH.
The syntax is the following:
BINARY_ALIAS= target1=source1 target2=source2
For example to have a "swig" binary in the path which will be pointing at
swig3.0 and a "sed" pointing at GNU sed: gsed
BINARY_ALIAS= swig=swig3.0 sed=gsed
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
The default generator for USES=cmake ports has been switched to ninja.
Previously it was possible to opt-in to using ninja instead of make(1)
by setting CMAKE_NINJA, now ports need to opt-out.
Ports that do not build with ninja must switch from
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
New USES: meson, to handle properly the meson building system.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
HTTPS certificates are now verified when "make makesum" fetches distfiles.
If this fails make sure you have a CA certificate bundle installed such as
security/ca_root_nss. If it still fails and there are other HTTPS sites
with a valid certificate consider removing the site from MASTER_SITES.
If the site cannot be removed you can disable certificate verification by
adding the following line to the port Makefile:
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
* Qt 4's binaries have been moved to lib/qt4/bin to match what is already done
to Qt 5's binaries. Since these binaries are no longer in ${LOCALBASE}/bin,
they also do not have the -qt4 suffix in their names any more.
* Consequently, there are no Qt 4 or Qt 5 binaries in the default $PATH, and
misc/qtchooser is now used to select the actual Qt binaries. In other
words, calling "qmake" or "moc" now goes through qtchooser, which prefers
Qt 5 binaries by default.
The ports framework handles this automatically. The UPDATING entry covers
this in more detail.
* Qt 5.7.1 requires a C++11-capable compiler to be used. qmake and CMake pass
the appropriate flags to the compiler (such as -std=c++11) automatically,
but if your port fetches Qt's build flags via pkg-config (which can be the
case for autotools-based ports), you might need to take care of this
manually by setting USE_CXXSTD in your Makefile:
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
A new EXTRA_PATCH_TREE has been added. Points to a directory hierarchy with
the same layout as the ports tree, where local patches can be found. This
allows a third party to keep their patches in some other source control
system if needed.
For example, if you have EXTRA_PATCH_TREE=/patches, when building
lang/perl5.24, any file named patch-* in /patches/lang/perl5.24/ will be used
to patch the Perl distribution.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
During extraction of the do-patch target into a separate script, the "-d
PATCH_WRKSRC" had to be removed from the PATCH_ARGS and PATCH_DIST_ARGS
variables. If using these variables directly, you will need to adapt the
Makefile. For example:
${PATCH} ${PATCH_ARGS} < ${FILESDIR}/extra-patch
needs to be changed to:
${PATCH} -d ${PATCH_WRKSRC} ${PATCH_ARGS} < ${FILESDIR}/extra-patch
AUTHOR: tcberner@FreeBSD.org
QT_PREFIX has been dropped, in favour of using PREFIX directly.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Support has been added for complete set of Creative Commons licenses
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Verbose build logs are now preferred and enabled by default for cmake,
ninja and GNU configure. Ports which still produce quiet build logs
(hiding actual commands) are strongly advised to switch to verbose logs.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Support has been added for NONE license, use it when the port doesn't
have cleanly defined licensing terms. Note that without clean license
allowing you to use and distribute the code it would be be illegal to do
so in many jurisdictions, so for ports with NONE license no distfiles or
packages are distributed.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
To complete the USE_GITHUB framework, a GH_SUBDIR variable has been added.
It automatically moves a secondary distfile to the right place inside WRKSRC.
It also extends the GH_TUPLE variable to make it as easy to use as possible.
GH_TUPLE= Regaddi:Chart.js:f13f99b:chart_js \
@${RMDIR} ${WRKSRC}/database ${WRKSRC}/3rd/Chart.js
@${MV} ${WRKSRC_database} ${WRKSRC}/database
@${MV} ${WRKSRC_chart_js} ${WRKSRC}/3rd/Chart.js
GH_TUPLE= Regaddi:Chart.js:f13f99b:chart_js/3rd/Chart.js \
It also works if not using GH_TUPLE but the regular
GH_SUBDIR= 3rd/Chart.js:chart_js 3rd/ChartNew.js:chartnew_js
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
A new USES file has been introduced: USES=kde:4, which replaces the old
bsd.kde4.mk file in preparation for upcoming KDE Frameworks and Plasma5
Ports depending on KDE4 have to switch from
USE_KDE4=foo bar
USE_KDE=foo bar
and make sure to switch from using KDE4_PREFIX to the new name KDE_PREFIX
in the Makefiles as well as plists.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
A new USES file has been introduced: USES=grantlee:[4,5], which introduces a
LIB_DEPENDS on either devel/grantlee (Qt4) or devel/grantlee5 (Qt5).
Uses/grantlee.mk also exports the GRANTLEE_VERSION variable to users, and the
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
This adds the possibility to use regular expressions for the makeplist stage
of the PLIST_SUB life.
From time to time, the values are too generic, and they get in the way of
other stuff.
This adds the possibility to have a VAR_regex=regex that will be used
instead of the VAR=string to search for possible replacements.
For example, in lang/perl5*, there is PERL_ARCH=mach, which will get replaced
in paths if a file is called, say "machine", will end up being
"%%PERL_ARCH%%ine". Adding PERL_ARCH_regex="\bmach\b" will ensure only full
words are replaced, so machine will stay machine, but "lib/mach/foo "will
still be replaced by "lib/%%PERL_ARCH%%/foo".
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Every PHP (or Zend) extension now installs its own .ini file in
/usr/local/etc/php. A PHP extension will be automatically activated when
installed. The order into which extensions are loaded is automatically
guessed. In some very rare cases, the guess will be wrong, and PHP_MOD_PRIO
will need to be set. Refer to the USES=php section of the Porter's Handbook
for more information.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USEify USES=php.
The following variables have been folded into arguments:
- USE_PHPIZE -> USES=php:phpize
- USE_PHPEXT -> USES=php:ext
- USE_ZENDEXT -> USES=php:zend
- USE_PHP_BUILD -> USES=php:build
- WANT_PHP_CLI -> USES=php:cli
- WANT_PHP_CGI -> USES=php:cgi
- WANT_PHP_MOD -> USES=php:mod
- WANT_PHP_WEB -> USES=php:web
- WANT_PHP_EMB -> USES=php:embed
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USE_OPENSSL has been replaced by USES=ssl.
AUTHOR: adamw@FreeBSD.org
A new ${opt}_CMAKE_BOOL OPTIONS helper has been added. Instead of:
you can use this shortcut:
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
A new stage-qa test has been added, it reports all shared libraries
dependencies that are not part of the port list of dependencies. It help
finds what is called proxy dependencies.
A is needed by B, and B is needed by C. If C also needs A, then it needs to
be registered, and this check will tell you to do so.
Right now, it is only reporting the problems, but if you add
PROXYDEPS_FATAL=yes to your environment, it will give an error and will force
you to fix the dependencies.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New keyword @xmlcatmgr has been added, to handle the XML and SGML catalog
maintainance, in order to improve consistency and correctness of the
generation of the catalog.
If the catalog file has an extension being '.xml' it will be automatically
added to the XML catalog, otherwise it will be added to the SGML catalog
AUTHOR: emaste@FreeBSD.org
"make makesum" now writes the current timestamp to distinfo when it is run.
This is done to support development and prototyping efforts for reproducible
package builds, which require some concept of a "last updated" time.
The TIMESTAMP can currently be ignored for ports that have no distinfo, and
for updates done without using "make makesum."
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USE_RUBYGEMS has been replaced by USES=gem.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USE_MYSQL and USE_BDB have been replaced by USES=mysql and USES=bdb.
WANT_BDB_VER=XX should be replaced by USES=bdb:XX.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USE_RC_SUBR=yes has not done anything for a long time, it will now give an error.
AUTHOR: jbeich@FreeBSD.org
by invoking configure, build and install stage outside of source tree e.g.,
$ mkdir ../.build
$ cd ../.build
$ ${OLDPWD}/configure
$ gmake
$ gmake install
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Adding ${PORTSDIR} in dependency lines is no longer necessary meaning
RUN_DEPENDS= foo:${PORTSDIR}/bar/foo
can now be written
RUN_DEPENDS= foo:bar/foo
if the path after ':' is not absolute the framework will automatically
prepend ${PORTSDIR}/
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Introduce GH_TUPLE.
GH_TUPLE allows one to put all the GH_{ACCOUNT,PROJECT,TAGNAME} into one
variable, in the form of account:project:tagname[:group]. It is helpful when
there are many submodules.
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
The GNOME and MATE framework activation changed. To use the frameworks
now either gnome or mate needs to be added USES.
The usage of USE_GNOME, USE_MATE, INSTALLS_ICONS and for example
GLIB_SCHEMAS stays the same.
Like with USES, the use of USE_GNOME and so after bsd.port.pre.mk
is now forbidden.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Support has been added for "or later" variants of GNU licenses
(e.g. LICENSE=GPLv2+) and for Public Domain (LICENSE=PD).
Complete list of new LICENSE values:
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
USE_FIREBIRD and USE_SQLITE has been replaced by USES=firebird and
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Change the meaning of NO_WRKSUBDIR to force a WRKDIR != WRKSRC.
Right now, NO_WRKSUBDIR means that the extraction does not produce a
subdirectory, and that everything goes straight into WRKDIR. It is
problematic, because during the build of a port, quite a few files
are created in there, and then, a stage directory, where everything
is installed, and then a pkg directory where the package is created,
and those often conflict, or get in the way, of the building
With this, NO_WRKSUBDIR will extract the distfiles directly into
WRKSRC instead of WRKDIR. In this case, WRKSRC is artificial and is
based on PKGNAME and not DISTNAME, mitigate conflicts with rc files.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Improved support for USES=shebangfix
- We now support multiple values for *_OLD_CMD
- We replace more variants by default (/bin/${lang}, /usr/bin/${lang},
/usr/bin/env ${lang}).
- shebangfix now also supports lua if USES=lua is specified
- Pattern matching has been improved: we now only match whole worlds,
e.g. "/usr/bin/perl5.005" is no longer erroneously replaced with
Note that *_OLD_CMD entries which contain spaces must now be quoted.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
Implemented complete support for test target.
You can now `make test' on any port to run test sequence, no-op by default.
If a port defines TEST_TARGET, it'll run sub-make with specified target,
usually `check' or `test', useful if upstream supports that. The port may
instead define custom do-test target, as well as usual satellite targets:
{pre,do,post}-test, {pre,do,post}-test-OPT, {pre,do,post}-test-OPT-off
`make test' builds and stages port first, so test may use both WRKDIR and
STAGEDIR, and both BUILD and RUN depends are available for test target.
Additionally, TEST_DEPENDS is now properly supported and may be used to
define additional depends specifically for testing.
Framework may define default tests for specific cases. For instance,
perl5.mk and cran.mk provide default test target on their own.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
@sample now accept arguments, so it can now be used the following way:
@sample afile.sample
@sample path/to/example etc/target
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New keywords are supported in pkg since 1.5.x:
@preexec <command>: execute the <command> during pre-install scripts
@postexec <command>: execute the <command> during post-install scripts
@preunexec <command>: execute the <command> during pre-deinstall scripts
@postunexec <command>: execute the <command> during post-deinstall scripts
@exec does not specify when it should be executed and is now considered as
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Introducing the %%PERL5_MAN1%% PLIST_SUB entry, as Perl now installs man1
pages in the same prefix as man3 pages.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
<opt>_VARS and <opt>_VARS_OFF have been introduced to allow for a generic way
to set/append to variables.
OPT1_VARS= foo=bar baz+=bam
will set FOO to bar and append bam to BAZ if OPT1 is enabled. <opt>_VARS_OFF
works the same way, if the option is disabled.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
The CMAKE_ENV option has been deprecated. It no longer has any effect, and
the CONFIGURE_ENV variable should be used instead.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
<opt>_IMPLIES and <opt>_PREVENTS have been introduced to register dependency,
or conflicts between options.
If the FOO option is selected, the BAR option will be enabled as well. If
the BAZ and BAR options are both enabled, an error will be given.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
UNIQUENAME and LATEST_LINK have been removed. LATEST_LINK was only used by
ports-mgmt/pkg{,-devel} and PKGBASE can be used in its stead. UNIQUENAME was
used by USE_LDCONFIG where it was not unique enough, and as old compat shims
with options.
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
USE_GHOSTSCRIPT was replaced by USES=ghostscript. The ghostscript USES
accepts version, build, run, nox11 and for version 9 the agpl argument.
If no version is specified, the default 9 for GHOSTSCRIPT_DEFAULT is honored.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Make option target helpers have been added, it allows replacing:
.include <bsd.port.options.mk>
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/freebsd.sh
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|/usr/local|${LOCALBASE}|g' \
${WRKSRC}/Configure ${WRKSRC}/hints/freebsd.sh
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%|-lpthread|g;' \
${REINPLACE_CMD} -e 's|%%PTHREAD_LIBS%%||g;' \
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Remove USE_RCORDER, USE_RC_SUBR has been modified to support PREFIX=/usr
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Extend the multiple distfiles USE_GITHUB framework by allowing it to fetch
only additional distfiles, but not the main one. Set USE_GITHUB=nodefault
and use the GH_* variables with groups as usual.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
USE_GITHUB can now fetch multiple distfiles. It uses a grouping feature
Some helpful variables are provided: WRKSRC_<group> for putting things in the
right place in post-extract, and DISTNAME_<group>/DISTFILE_<group> for use
A simple example:
GH_PROJECT= ${PORTNAME}-images:images
@${MV} ${WRKSRC_images} ${WRKSRC}/images
It will fetch those two distfiles:
$ make fetch-urlall-list
It will then extract them to ${WRKDIR} in their respectives directories.
AUTHOR: antoine@FreeBSD.org
PYTHON_REL has been switched from a 3 digits number to a 4 digits number to
handle python 2.7.10. Ports checking for python 2.7.9 should compare
PYTHON_REL against 2709 and ports checking for python 2.7.10 should compare
PYTHON_REL against 2710.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
GH_COMMIT support has been removed, see the 20150319 for more informations.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
USE_AUTOTOOLS has been deprecated. It can be replaced with USES=autoreconf
Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtoolize has been removed. It can be replaced
with "USES=autoreconf libtool".
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Add a new USES=gnustep to handle the GNUstep ports. Now the dependencies on
GNUstep libraries is done via the regular LIB_DEPENDS
USE_GNUSTEP is now a macro that accept many arguments: back, build, gui, back
Depending on the feature needed for a given port
Reuse USES=objc to avoid duplicating code
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Add a new USES=waf to handle the waf building system, allowing to factorise
code. Plug waf into MAKE_CMD and CONFIGURE_CMD so the regular defined targets
can be reused.
Always define _MAKE_JOBS so that when bsd.port.mk will stop overwritting
_MAKE_JOBS when parallel jobs are disabled we can enforce -j1 (which is needed
to really disable parallelisation with waf
WAF_CMD has been created to allow one to override the location of the waf
script relatively to WRKSRC
CONFIGURE_TARGET is by default defined to "configure"
ALL_TARGET is by default defined to "build"
INSTALL_TARGET is by default defined to "install"
USES=waf is by default stagedir safe
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
USE_XZ and USE_BZIP2 are not supported anymore, they have been replaced by
USES=tar:bzip2 and tar:xz
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New "metaport" USES to take care of predefining correctly the needed
macros as expected by meta ports.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Remove "@fc" and "@fontsdir". All fonts should always use @fcfontsdir which
Properly takes care of the fonts.dir and fonts.scale cache files as well
as ensure to properly update the fontconfig cache
New "fonts" USES. It defines the default variables needed for fonts and also
takes care of the run time dependencies
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS have been removed. Please see entry
20130207 for more information.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
MASTER_SITE GHR (GITHUB_RELEASE) has been removed. The same functionality
defaults to DISTVERSION. If the tag needs to be adjusted then change
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
USE_GITHUB has been updated to make GH_COMMIT optional. Using this new
scheme allows only setting the _tag_ or _commit hash_ in GH_TAGNAME and
not having to know the hash for a tag. This scheme will download a tarball
that has a different checksum than before due to a changed directory name
for extraction.
GH_TAGNAME can now be any length of the hash as long as it is unique. There
is no longer a 7-character requirement.
The following MASTER_SITES are provided to retain the old checksum and
directory structure (that require GH_COMMIT):
AUTHOR: olivierd@FreeBSD.org
Dependencies on the Xfce ports have been migrated to USES. Instead
of USE_XFCE= configenv, you should use USES= xfce.
AUTHOR: makc@FreeBSD.org
New USE_QT4 component has been introduced to reduce buildtime
dependencies for Qt 4 ports that use localization support. Instead
of USE_QT4=linguist you should now use USE_QT4=linguisttools_build.
Conversion of existing ports may require USE_QT4 adjustment for
missing components.
AFFECTS: users of lang/perl5.*
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Perl now links libperl.so with all .so it builds. The stage-qa checks have
been extended to check that libperl.so is in fact linked with .so in
SITE_ARCH and errors out if none of the .so build by a port are linked with
it. It also checks that the rpath and runpath elf attributes are present.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
The devel/gettext port has been split up in devel/gettext-runtime which
contains runtime libraries such as libintl, and devel/gettext-tools which
contains build tools such as msgfmt. You can use USES=gettext-runtime to
set a LIB/BUILD/RUN_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-runtime and USES=gettext-tools
to set a BUILD/RUN_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-tools.
USES=gettext is now the same as "USES=gettext-runtime gettext-tools",
meaning a LIB_DEPENDS on devel/gettext-runtime and a BUILD_DEPENDS on
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
The way Perl modules are installed has changed. Before, we had
site_perl : lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18
site_perl/perl_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/5.18/mach
perl_man3 : lib/perl5/5.18/man/man3
Now we have :
site_perl : lib/perl5/site_perl
site_arch : lib/perl5/site_perl/mach/5.18
perl_man3 : lib/perl5/site_perl/man/man3
Modules without any .so will be installed at the same place regardless of the
Perl version, minimizing the upgrade when the major Perl version is changed.
It uses a version dependent directory for modules with compiled bits.
As PERL_ARCH is no longer needed in plists, it has been removed from
The USE_PERL5=fixpacklist keyword is removed, the .packlist file is now
always removed, as is perllocal.pod.
The old site_perl and site_perl/arch directories have been kept in the
default Perl @INC for all Perl ports, and will be phased out as these old
Perl versions expire.
AUTHOR: crees@FreeBSD.org
Dependencies on the PostgreSQL ports have been migrated
to USES. Instead of USE_PGSQL, please use USES=pgsql instead.
USE_PGSQL=yes becomes USES=pgsql
WANT_PGSQL_VER=91+ becomes USES=pgsql:9.1+
USE_PGSQL=server becomes USES=pgsql and WANT_PGSQL=server
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
To ease future work, a new SITE_ARCH variable and PLIST_SUB replacement
containing SITE_PERL/PERL_ARCH has been added.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
SSP is now default. This can be disabled with WITHOUT_SSP.
SSP_CFLAGS defaults to -fstack-protector.
SSP will be used on all amd64 releases. It will only be used on i386
releases over 10.0.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
The @cwd [path] construct in plist files is deprecated. Instead of adding
those lines to the plist:
@cwd /
@cwd /some
@exec mkdir -p %D/nested/dir
add this:
@exec mkdir -p /some/nested/dir
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New BUNDLE_LIBS knobs to allow a port to tell pkg(8) not to compute provided
libraries, this is to be used when a port bundles libraries it doesn't want
to expose to other ports.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
Support for autoconf213, autoheader213, aclocal14 and automake14 has been
removed from USE_AUTOTOOLS.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
Building ports in a chroot or jail have always required a particular
environment be setup. This was not clear though and the ports framework
did not enforce it. These requirements are:
1. Either a SRC_BASE/sys/sys/param.h, or /usr/include/sys/param.h be
present with the __FreeBSD_version_ number of the target system,
or OSVERSION be set in the environment. Lack of these would fallback
on kern.osreldate before, which is no longer the case.
2. UNAME_r,UNAME_v,UNAME_s all must be set for the target system.
Not having these values in sync will now cause the build to error until it is
Setting these in the environment can be done via your own wrapper scripts,
or /etc/login.conf (along with cap_mkdb /etc/login.conf) or
via /etc/make.conf using appropriate values. Note that OSVERSION is redundant
if a proper param.h is in the environment:
OSVERSION+= 1100036
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
pkg(8) now handles the directories under PREFIX automatically,
and will automatically remove them as needed.
A new @dir keyword has been introduced to handle directories specially:
- directories with special owner, group, or permissions (access mode)
- empty directories
- directories out of PREFIX
As a consequence @dirrm and @dirrmtry are now considered deprecated.
Credentials can now be passed in arguments to keywords
(the empty keyword means "regular file"):
@(user,group,mode) file1
@dir(user,group,mode) directory_with_special_owner_or_mode
PLIST_DIRSTRY is now considered deprecated, use PLIST_DIRS instead.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool, USE_GNOME=ltasneededhack,
USE_GNOME=lthack and USE_GNOME=ltverhack has been removed.
Ports should use USES=libtool instead.
Support for USE_AUTOTOOLS=libltdl has been removed.
Ports should use LIB_DEPENDS=libltdl.so:${PORTSDIR}/devel/libltdl
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
The installation of *.la files without some form of USES=libtool in the
port Makefile will now result in a stage-qa error.
Previously this would only cause a warning.
The :keepla argument to USES=libtool is no longer special. It is now
only needed if a port uses *.la files at run time and no longer to fix
link problems in other ports.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Support for pkg_install has been removed.
Note that WITH_PKGNG is now called WITH_PKG (still used to define 'devel')
WITH_PKGNG remains for compatibility
@stopdaemon support has gone, pkg(8) has a generic mechanism to
provide the same function, see HANDLE_RC_SCRIPTS in pkg.conf(5).
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Support for NO_STAGE has been removed.
AUTHOR: antoine@FreeBSD.org
Support for NOPORTDATA has been removed.
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
The Python language bits of the ports framework have been converted
to USES. Instead of USE_PYTHON, please use USES=python instead.
USE_PYTHON=yes becomes USES=python
USE_PYTHON=2.7+ becomes USES=python:2.7+
USE_PYTHON_BUILD=3.3 becomes USES=python:3.3,build
Additionally, several Python specific features have been converted
to USES-inspired USE_PYTHON=<featureA>,<featureB>.
Please read the header comments of Uses/python.mk for more details
about the new and changed bits and pieces. You will find a list of
deprecated variables and how to replace them in your own ports at
the end of the header comment.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
LIB_DEPENDS only supports one form: lib*.so
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
Support for installations based on the easy_install setup.py target has
been removed from the Ports framework for Python software. The
PYEASYINSTALL_* knobs and support for USE_PYDISTUTILS=easy_install have
been removed.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
IGNOREFILES is not supported anymore, it was an unsafe feature allowing to
use unchecked files downloaded from untrusted places to be used in the ports
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
New PYTHON_CONCURRENT_INSTALL knob to support the parallel installation
of ports for different python versions.
If set to yes, the knob indicates that the port can be installed for
different python versions at the same time. The port will use a unique
prefix for certain directories using USES=uniquefiles:dirs (see the
uniquefiles.mk Uses for details about the directories). Binaries
receive an additional suffix, based on ${PYTHON_VER}.
The values for the uniquefiles USES are set as follows:
If the port is installed for the current default python version, scripts and
binaries in
are linked from the prefixed version to the prefix-less original name,
e.g. bin/foo-2.7 --> bin/foo.
AUTHOR: miwi@FreeBSD.org
USE_GMAKE is no longer supported, please use USES=gmake instead
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
USE_DOS2UNIX is no longer supported, USES=dos2unix should be used instead
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Add a USE_PERL5=fixpacklist to account for ports creating a .packlist file
referencing ${STAGEDIR} when not using USE_PERL5=configure or
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
:U and :L syntax is not supported anymore in the ports tree, :tu and :tl
should be used instead
This makes the ports tree incompatible with make(1) version that does not
support :tu and :tl (aka FreeBSD 8.3 and earlier)
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
EXTRA_PATCHES has been extended to support a new syntax:
Where X is the pathname strip count passed to patch(1)
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
The semantics of USES=libtool have changed. It now deletes .la libraries
from the staging area to reduce overlinking. USES=libtool:keepla can be
used in case they need to be kept. This form still modifies .la libraries
to remove references to other libraries to reduce overlinking.
Note that .la libraries have to kept around as long as there are .la
libraries from other ports that refer to them. Those ports need to use
some form of USES=libtool first such that those references are removed.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
check-orphans has been renamed to check-plist. It now checks:
A. Files in STAGEDIR that are missing from plist.
To make check-plist ignore a file *as an orphan* do one of the
1. Install it
2. post-install: ${RM} ${STAGEDIR}file
3. Put the file behind an OPTION with a PLIST_SUB: %%OPTION%%file
4. Add to plist as a @comment
@comment file
@comment @dirrmtry dir
B. Files in plist missing from STAGEDIR
C. Files in plist which are owned by dependencies/MTREEs
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
The default target for 'make' now runs 'make stage' if the port supports
it, otherwise 'make build' as before.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
A new plist keyword has been added, @sample. It accepts a file (must end in
@sample file.conf.sample
This will install file.conf.sample and copy it to file.conf. The file.conf
will be removed if it matches file.conf.sample on deinstall.
This replaces older patterns of:
@unexec if cmp -s %D/etc/pkgtools.conf %D/etc/pkgtools.conf.sample; then rm -f %D/etc/pkgtools.conf; fi
@exec [ -f %B/pkgtools.conf ] || cp %B/%f %B/pkgtools.conf
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Two new USES were added to finish handling distfiles formats a consistent way:
USES=tar[:[xz|bzip2|Z|tgz]] handles distributions files in format:
- plain tar
- tar.xz
- tar.bz2
- tar.Z
- tgz
USES=lha handles distributions files info LHA format
AUTHOR: rene@FreeBSD.org
Two new USES were added by bapt@FreeBSD.org :
USES=zip handles distribution files in Zip format. InfoZip files
need USES=zip:infozip
USES=makeself handles distribution files in makeself format.
AUTHOR: kde@FreeBSD.org
Add support for Qt 5 via USE_QT5. USE_QT5 is analogous to USE_QT4,
the only difference is the list of available components
(see Mk/bsd.qt.mk for details). USES=qmake supports Qt 5 as well.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Deprecate support for KNOBS, the new option framework allows to express a
more consistent, user friendly and visible way the same feature.
AUTHOR: mat@FreeBSD.org
Add two new options helpers:
${OPT}_${TYPE}_DEPENDS_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
${TYPE_DEPENDS}+=<something> in case OPT is 'off'
${OPT}_${FLAG}_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
${FLAG}+=<something> in case OPT is 'off'
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
New USES=uniquefiles to make files or directories unique
by adding a prefix or suffix to them.
Files listed in UNIQUE_PREFIX_FILES will receive the prefix
set via UNIQUE_PREFIX. The same applies to UNIQUE_SUFFIX_FILES,
but with the chosen UNIQUE_SUFFIX. UNIQUE_PREFIX and
The uniquefiles USES enables ports to name files in special
ways, e.g. by outlining that the port does not support X11
(-nox11). A binary named bin/foo thus can be easily renamed
to bin/foo-featureA via
USES= uniquefiles
The uniquefiles USES automatically adjusts the plist at
installation time. There is no need to consider the prefix
or suffix in the pkg-plist file itself. If the original name
of the renamed file is bin/foo, this exact name should be put
into pkg-plist.
The dirs argument to USES=uniquefiles will cause certain
standard directories, such as DOCSDIR or EXAMPLESDIR to be
prepended with the UNIQUE_PREFIX. The change to the directories
will hapen prior to configuring or building the port, so that
the port Makefile as well as the port's build logic are aware
of the changed name.
Since the uniquefiles USES effectively manipulates the port's
installation and file layout, it will only be available for
stagedir-aware ports. Ports with NO_STAGE=yes will be unable
to use the uniquefiles USES.
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
lang/python (and as such the 'python' binary and accomplices)
has been removed as default dependency for the USE_PYTHON,
Ports need to use a designated (default) python interpreter
to build and install and in most cases for execution in the user
environment. Ports that install python scripts, which are not
limited to a certain python version (or version range), can
include lang/python as build and/or run dependency.
USE_PYTHON=yes and similar knobs will only pull in the
default python version (e.g. lang/python27), but none
of the meta ports or lang/python itself.
Please use lang/python as build or run-time dependency only,
if there is no other way to get a port working properly, since
the usage of lang/python complicates package builds for different
python versions.
AUTHOR: tijl@FreeBSD.org
New USES=fortran to replace USE_FORTRAN.
USE_FORTRAN=yes can be replaced with USES=fortran or USES=fortran:gcc.
USE_FORTRAN=ifort can be replaced with USES=fortran:ifort.
USE_FORTRAN=f77 is deprecated and the version of gcc it depends
on (lang/gcc34) is scheduled to be removed.
Note that USE_FORTRAN=yes also makes GCC the C/C++ compiler while
USES=fortran only sets the Fortran compiler and can be used together
with Clang as C/C++ compiler.
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
New USES=twisted, to replace the old USE_TWISTED knob.
twisted can be configured with the arguments run or build to replace
the previous USE_TWISTED_RUN and USE_TWISTED_BUILD knobs. The twisted
components can be added as comma-separated arguments. If you previously
USE_TWISTED= conch names
you now would write
USES= twisted
USES= twisted:conch,names
USES= twisted:run
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
The USE_GNOME component ltverhack no longer has a hard dependancy on
If USE_AUTOTOOLS=libtool isn't defined it will try to patch ltmain.sh
and or libtool in ${WRKSRC}. If those files are located somewhere else
in ${WRKSRC} then it is possible to overwrite ltverhack_PATCH_FILES
with there new locations. configure script --distable-static will work also
after using the "new" ltverhack.
Please keep in mind that USE_AUTOTOOLS implies GNU_CONFIGURE so you might
need to add that back for the port to work.
AUTHOR: rene@FreeBSD.org
Add a new USES for kernel module ports.
USES=kmod takes no arguments and:
- adds kld to CATEGORIES
- sets IGNORE if the kernel sources are not found
- defines KMODDIR to /boot/modules by default, add it to
PLIST_SUB and MAKE_ENV, and create it upon installation
- handles cross-referencing kernel modules upon installation and
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
share/applications directory was added to the mtree, meaning that
you no longer need to create or remove it in your ports.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New "compiler" USES to be able to select the compiler based on the
features it provides.
Supported arguments are:
- c++11-lang: the port needs a c++11 aware compiler what ever standard
library it uses, implies features
- c++11-lib: the port needs a c++11 standard library, implies features
- c11: the ports needs a c11 aware compiler implies features
- features: this will create a COMPILER_FEATURES variable which contains
the list of features ${CC} do support, implies env.
- env: the COMPILER_TYPE will be set to either gcc or clang.
By default the uses will try to use clang33 from ports when nothing in
base is relevant except if the user explicitly defines
FAVORITE_COMPILER=gcc in his make.conf
AUTHOR: makc@FreeBSD.org
New USES: qmake, configure tool widely used among Qt based projects.
New framework is stage-friendly. To convert existing ports remove
custom configure target, adjust QMAKE_ENV, QMAKE_ARGS, QMAKE_PRO if
required (see Mk/Uses/qmake.mk for details).
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
PATCHFILES now support an optional :-pX flag that notes which patch strip
level to use. This allows multiple patches in 1 port to use different
PATCH_DIST_STRIP values without changing PATCH_DIST_STRIP.
Syntax: PATCHFILES= patch[:-pX][:distgroup]
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
New USES: scons, to handle properly the scons building system, this
this also gives the scons packages user the ability to respect MAKE_JOBS.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
Stage aware ports can now create package without the requirement from
being root.
If a port really needs root anyway it should add NEED_ROOT in its
For a port that needs special credential on files DO NOT RELY on
chown in post-install section but rely on @own, @group in pkg-plist
Be careful about rights on directories as pkg_install cannot store them
they needs to be done via @exec chown.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The ports tree is now staged by default. With pkgng the sequence hasn't
changed, the main difference is that creating package is now independent
from installing it. With pkg_install, the package is now created first
and make install, do install the package.
New macros:
- STAGEDIR: PATH to the directory where the port will be staged.
- NO_STAGE: Keep the old behaviour of the ports tree (aka no staging area)
Unsupported macro if NO_STAGE is not set:
- MAN* with staging man page compression and handling of hardlinks and
symlinks is automatically done in the stage. the manpages becomes then a
"normal" plist files and should be tracked in pkg-plist.
- MANCOMPRESSED the compress-man target is able to only compress when it
New target:
- stage: this installs everything into the stage directory
- makeplist: this will create a pkg-plist and print it to stdout. This is
a sample plist and it should always be _reviewed_ not directly used.
NOTE: with staging only what is in the plist will be installed, nothing more,
meaning a port staged cannot have leftovers except directories left. It is
really important to double check the pkg-plist to make sure all the files
the maintainer wants to package are in! make makeplist can help in that area.
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
* New USES: zope
This replaces the previous USE_ZOPE knob. All other zope related knobs
for port Makefiles still exist. See Mk/Uses/zope.mk for details.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
SSP support has been added to ports with WITH_SSP_PORTS for i386 and amd64
on FreeBSD 10, and amd64 on earlier versions.
SSP_UNSAFE is added to disable in a port if it fails to build, but
this should only be used in rare circumstances such as kernel modules.
Otherwise, the port may just be failing due to lack of respecting
On FreeBSD 10, this uses an ldscript in /usr/lib/libc.so to pull in
libssp_nonshared.a to address issues linking on i386 [1].
On earlier FreeBSD versions the WITH_SSP_PORTS knob will add -lssp_nonshared
to LDFLAGS on i386. This is not needed on amd64. However, several hundred
ports do not currently respect LDFLAGS, so this support is disabled currently
as it causes build failures if a dependency is looking for the stack_chk
[1] http://svnweb.freebsd.org/base/head/lib/libc/libc.ldscript?revision=251668&view=markup
AUTHOR: gahr@FreeBSD.org
* New USES: tcl, tk
This uses replaces all the previous USE_TCL, USE_TCL_BUILD, USE_TCL_RUN,
See the Mk/Uses/tcl.mk and the commit message of r327607 for details.
Moreover, the default Tcl/Tk version is now specified in terms of
bsd.default-versions.mk. It is now possible to specify one's preferred Tcl/Tk
version using DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= tcltk=x.y in make.conf.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The perl framework is not included unconditionally and the old framework
is not recognized anymore, the following MACROS has been removed:
AUTHOR: madpilot@FreeBSD.org
To allow ports to work with the iconv implementation in 10-CURRENT after
commit r254273 the USES=iconv options now conditionally adds a dependency
depending on the FreeBSD version. It also defines a few utility variables
which can be used in the ports:
ICONV_CMD: location of the iconv binary.
after r254273: /usr/bin/iconv
before: ${LOCALBASE}/bin/iconv
ICONV_LIB: ld(1) flags to get the iconv DSO.
after r254273: empty
before: -liconv
ICONV_CONFIGURE_ARG: String that can be passed to configure
scripts to hint the location of the libiconv library.
after r254273: empty
before: --with-libiconv-prefix=${LOCALBASE}
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
USE_GNOME=pkgconfig is not supported anymore by the ports tree, please
uses: USES=pkgconfig
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
crees has added USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS_ONLY which works like
USE_PACKAGE_DEPENDS but will not fallback on source if a
package is missing.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES: perl5
This uses replaces all the previous perl macros. Here is how to migrate:
Always include perl5:
USES= perl5
If USE_PERL5 is undefined then perl5 will be a build and run dependency
Migrating to new USE_PERL5:
| PERL_CONFIGURE=yes | USE_PERL5= configure |
| USE_PERL5_RUN=yes | USE_PERL5=run |
| USE_PERL5_BUILD=yes | USE_PERL5=build |
| PERL_MODBUILD=yes | USE_PERL5=modbuild |
| USE_PERL5=yes | |
| USE_PERL5=5.14+ | USE_PERL5= 5.14+ |
| PERL_CONFIGURE= 5.14+ | USE_PERL5=5.14+ configure |
| PERL_MODBUILD= 5.14+ | USE_PERL5=5.14+ modbuild |
AUTHOR: rene@FreeBSD.org
* With the removal of QT 3/KDE 3, the following are no longer recognized:
Mk/bsd.kde.mk has been removed, it was only used for QT 3/KDE 3.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES: imake
This uses replaces USE_IMAKE, it handles dependency on imake. Its only argument
is 'env', which prevent from defining the do-configure target.
This content of this new macro is appended to INSTALL_TARGET
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES: fmake
This uses will allow to build ports using the legacy FreeBSD make, for ports
not compatible with bmake
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New macros to help dealing with ports that have options:
OPTIONS_SUB=yes when set in a port, all the option names are automatically
added to the PLIST_SUB with "@comment " value in case the option is off and
empty value in case the options is on.
${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ENABLE=<aname> will automatically add:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--enable-<aname> in case OPT is activated
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--disable-<aname> in case OPT is deactivated
${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ON=<something> will automatically add:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is activated
${OPT}_CONFIGURE_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is deactivated
${OPT}_CFLAGS will append the specified new flags to CFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_CXXFLAGS will append the specified new flags to CXXFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_LDFLAGS will append the specified new flags to LDFLAGS if OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_CONFIGURE_ENV will append the specified variables to CONFIGURE_ENV if
OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_MAKE_ENV will append the specified variables to MAKE_ENV if OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_USES will append the speficied uses to USES if OPT is 'on'
${OPT}_DISTFILES will append the specified distiles to DISTFILES if OPT in 'on'
${OPT}_CMAKE_ON=<something> will automatically add:
CMAKE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is activated
${OPT}_CMAKE_OFF=<something> will automatically add:
CMAKE_ARGS+=<something> in case OPT is deactivated
${OPT}_${TYPE}_DEPENDS=<something> will automatically add:
${TYPE_DEPENDS}+=<something> in case OPT is 'on'
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New 'display' USES macro to handle building ports that may require a
a display to build.
USES= display[:install] will start Xvfb and set the DISPLAY environment
variable before the installation phase and stop it at the end. (install is
the implicit value)
USES= display:build will start Xvfb and set the DISPLAY environment variable
before the build phase and stop it at the end.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
* Checks were added to block GH_TAGNAME=master as this is not a valid
setup. A known hash or tag should be used for GH_TAGNAME instead of
a branch name. As soon as a branch is updated, the known checksum
in the distinfo would then be invalid.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
* WRKSRC_SUBDIR has been added to simplify overriding WRKSRC
to use a subdirectory:
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
The OPTIONS macro is no longer recognized, please use the new options
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
* Two new USES macros to handle mime data of ports.
USES= desktop-file-utils
Handles MimeType in .desktop files that are installed in
USES= shared-mime-info
For supporting mime xml files installed in
The desktop-file-utils USES is only needed if the .desktop files
installed by the port has a MimeType field.
USE_GNOME=desktopfileutils is deprecated.
The shared-mime-info USES handles mime types xml files.
Please note that only the packages/${NAME}.xml file should be listed in
the plist. The shared-mime-info port will clean up the share/mime/*
directories and generated files.
Both USES have there own post-install and code that adds @exec/@unexec
lines to the pkg-plist. This means that when a port switches to the
USES macro, the related post-install command and @exec/@unexec
lines can be removed from the prot.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle setting correct shebang to scripts
By default it will fix bash, perl, php, ruby and python on all files specified
in the SHEBANG_FILES macro (glob pattern relative to ${WRKSRC})
Paths can be customized, and number of languages supported can be extended.
* USE_GETTEXT, USE_NCURSES, USE_READLINE are no longer recognized
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle linking on ncurses and on readline
USES= ncurses will set env and make the port link to base version of ncurses
if no port version is installed otherwise it will link against port version
USES= ncurses:port will for the port to link against the ports version of
USES= ncurses:base will force to link against base version of ncurses.
USES= readline will make the port link against base version of readline except
on 10+ where it will force dependency on the port version of readline
USES= readline:port will anyway force dependency on the port version of
AUTHOR: mva@FreeBSD.org
* USE_ICONV has been deprecated and converted into the iconv USE
USES= iconv
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* USE_CDRTOOLS is no longer recognized
* USE_FREETYPE is no longer recognized
AUTHOR: jgh@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle support for gettext dependency:
USES= gettext:build will add gettext into BUILD_DEPENDS
USES= gettext:run will add gettext into RUN_DEPENDS
USES= gettext:lib will add gettext into LIB_DEPENDS
It deprecates USE_GETTEXT which will be removed as soon as it is not
used anymore
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
* The entry for 20120830 to change CCACHE_DIR was not fully supported
by all ports. There is now a CCACHE_DIR variable that can be used
in /etc/make.conf for more complete coverage:
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle support for pkgconf (pkg-config) dependency:
USES= pkgconfig[:build] will add pkgconf into BUILD_DEPENDS
USES= pkgconfig:run will add pkgconf into RUN_DEPENDS
USES= pkgconfig:both will add pkgconf into both RUN and BUILD DEPENDS
It deprecates USE_PKGCONFIG which will be removed as soon as it is not
used anymore
AUTHOR: jgh@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle support for Zenoss ports and Zenpacks:
USES= zenoss
AUTHOR: makc@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro should be used instead of deprecated USE_CMAKE and
USES= cmake:outsource
to perform out-of-source build (equivalent to former pair usage of
USES= cmake
In-source build (equivalent to plain USE_CMAKE=yes) can be used if
project doesn't support out-of-source build.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* The options framework now uses ports-mgmt/dialog4ports contributed by
Ilya A. Arkhipov. It boostraps it if not present when one calls
make config.
dialog4ports provides a new UI able to represent all the features
provided by the new options framework.
AUTHOR: bdrewery@FreeBSD.org
and converted into the qmail USE feature
USES= qmail:run will add qmail into RUN_DEPENDS
USES= qmail:build will add qmail into BUILD_DEPENDS
USES= qmail[:both] will add qmail into both RUN and BUILD DEPENDS
USES= qmail:vars will set QMAIL_PREFIX
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* Add new Keywords directory and first info.yaml keyword (@info).
Keywords directory will contain all the custom plist keywords allowing to
extend pkg-plist with new keywords. Only works with pkgng.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* New USES macro to handle on demand features, 2 examples has been added to
the ports tree:
pathfix: to replace USE_GNOME= gnomehack
fuse: to replace USE_FUSE= yes
AUTHOR: gahr@FreeBSD.org
* Use of PTHREAD_CFLAGS and PTHREAD_LIBS is unsupported. The former
expands to the empty string, while the second is simply -pthread.
Please use -pthread directly in your LDFLAGS, if needed.
AUTHOR: flo@FreeBSD.org
* Add a USE_FUSE macro to handle fuse dependencies. It makes
sure sysutils/fusefs-libs gets installed and depending on
fuse being in base or not it installs sysutils/fusefs-kmod.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* OPTIONS has been extended 2 new macros are available:
OPTIONS_RADIO - allows only 0 or 1 options to be selected
OPTIONS_GROUP - allows 0 or N options among to be selected
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* IPV6 option is now activated by default for the whole ports tree
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* The ports tree is now using pkgng as the default package manager
for HEAD. This only affects users of CURRENT -- users of other
branches need not take any action.
To keep pkg_install as the default package manager, use the new
WITHOUT_PKGNG knob in make.conf
AUTHOR: beat@FreeBSD.org
* CCACHE support for building ports has been added (depends on
devel/ccache). Therefore new user settable variables are available:
WITH_CCACHE_BUILD - Enable CCACHE support (Default off)
NO_CCACHE - Disable CCACHE support for example for certain
ports if CCACHE is enabled.
By default CCACHE uses $HOME/.ccache as cache directory. To use
a non-default cache directory this could be overwritten like:
MAKE_ENV+= CCACHE_DIR=/var/cache/ccache
AUTHOR: gahr@FreeBSD.org
* GitHub support has been integrated into bsd.sites.mk. In order to
fetch distfiles from GitHub, a port must define USE_GITHUB along
with the following variables:
GH_ACCOUNT - account name of the GitHub user hosting the project
default: not set, mandatory
GH_PROJECT - name of the project on GitHub
default: ${PORTNAME}
GH_TAGNAME - name of the tag to download (master, 2.0.1, ...)
default: ${DISTVERSION}
GH_COMMIT - first 7 digits of the commit that generated GH_TAGNAME
(man git-describe(1))
default: not set, mandatory
The port www/tivoka is an example how to use this mechanism.
AUTHOR: bapt@FreeBSD.org
* new macro USE_PKGCONFIG has been introduce in place of
USE_GNOME= pkgconfig
for build only dependency
for run only dependency
for both build and run dependency
AUTHOR: beat@FreeBSD.org
* The ports tree moved from CVS to Subversion. A Subversion to
CVS exporter is in place to continue the support of CVSup but
do not commit to pcvs directly.
All commits have to be done in the new port Subversion repository
on svn.FreeBSD.org. You will find more information about
Subversion in the Ports Subversion Primer in the FreeBSD wiki,
in the "Committer's Guide" and the "Porter's Handbook".
If you are in doubt or unsure about a Subversion operation
please contact ports@FreeBSD.org.
AUTHOR: crees@FreeBSD.org
* OPTIONS has been updated with many changes and improvements.
Old-style OPTIONS declarations will continue to work for a while,
but do not introduce any into existing or new ports.
For further information, see the Porter's Handbook section on
Makefile Options.
AUTHOR: amdmi3@FreeBSD.org
* LDFLAGS is now passed to both the configure and make environments,
and should be handled just like CPPFLAGS (see previous entry).
Summarizing both LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS changes, where you would
have used
now just use
Note that it's advised to append these variables (+=) instead
of overriding (=) to allow customization by user.
AUTHOR: gerald@FreeBSD.org
* CPPFLAGS is now passed to both the configure and make environments,
so this no longer needs to happen in individual ports by adding this
to CONFIGURE_ENV or MAKE_ENV. Rather, just set CPPFLAGS in the port
Makefile (if necessary).
For example, where you would have used
now just use
AUTHOR: autotools@FreeBSD.org
* USE_GETTEXT has been cleaned up.
'build' BUILD time dependency only
'run' RUN time dependency only
'yes' LIBRARY dependency
AUTHOR: gerald@FreeBSD.org
* USE_GCC=4.3 is deprecated (and no port uses it anymore). USE_GCC=4.3+
is transparently rewritten to USE_GCC=4.4+ and lang/gcc43 will be
disconnected from the USE_GCC infrastructure soon.
AUTHOR: alepulver@FreeBSD.org
* The license support files (bsd.licenses.mk and bsd.licenses.db.mk) from
GSoc 2008/2009 have been committed. A new PH entry will be available
soon, but for the moment look at:
Or, alternatively, the comments at the beginning of the mentioned files.
AUTHOR: flz@FreeBSD.org
* There is now a unified way to create users and groups
in your ports. First, make sure they are added to both
ports/GIDs and ports/UIDs, then add the following in
your port:
USERS= foo
... if you want your port to create the foo user and
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
* sourceforge.net has changed their URL layout to be more
flexible for their users. A new bsd.sites.mk macro SFP
has been added for projects that moved from
Note that %SUBDIR% is now highly individual for each
project and might need changing as well.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
* bsd.port.options.mk is now clear to be widely used.
AUTHOR: pgollucci@FreeBSD.org
* APACHE_COMPAT is dead!
* USE_APACHE=yes is dead!
You should set USE_APACHE=13|20|22+. WITH_APACHE option can
be used to conditional include support for ANY version of
Apache based on APACHE_PORT. Currently www/apache13
AUTHOR: pgollucci@FreeBSD.org
* devel/libslang dropped in favor of devel/libslang2
* WITH_SLANG2 has been removed. WITH_SLANG now implies
AUTHOR: hrs@FreeBSD.org
* print/ghostscript-* and related ports have been renamed in the
following way:
print/ghostscript-gnu -> print/ghostscript7
print/ghostscript-gnu-nox11 -> print/ghostscript7-nox11
print/ghostscript-gnu-commfont -> print/ghostscript7-commfont
print/ghostscript-gpl -> print/ghostscript8
print/ghostscript-gpl-nox11 -> print/ghostscript8-nox11
japanese/ghostscript-gnu-jpnfont -> print/ghostscript7-jpnfont
korean/ghostscript-gnu-korfont -> print/ghostscript7-korfont
* USE_GHOSTSCRIPT now supports a version number which the port
requires. The valid value is "7" or "8". If other value is
specified, value of WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_VER is used.
* WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU has been removed in favor of
"7" or "8", and the default value is "8".
AUTHOR: rafan@FreeBSD.org
* CONFIGURE_ARGS is updated to use correct syntax for newer autoconf
on the configure target. Individual ports no longer need to change
CONFIGURE_TARGET to have the '--build=' prefix.
AUTHOR: pav@FreeBSD.org
* Default OpenLDAP version was changed from 2.3 to 2.4.
* USE_GTK and USE_XPM variables are no longer recognized.
AUTHOR: flz@FreeBSD.org
* By default, ports-mgmt/pkg_install now sets up a wrapper to use ports
pkg_install (when installed) instead of base when the former is more
recent. This can be disabled in the options menu, or with the
AUTHOR: pav@FreeBSD.org
* @rmtry is now supported in pkg-plist.
* USE_DISPLAY made more powerful, see comments in bsd.port.mk for details.
* ${PW} is now defined.
* LIB_DEPENDS can now be used with libraries with + sign in their name
without the need for escaping.
AUTHOR: pav@FreeBSD.org
* USE_XPM no longer implies USE_XLIB.
* USE_LDCONFIG can now be used to Linux binary ports that install shared
libraries instead of INSTALLS_SHLIB.
AUTHOR: gabor@FreeBSD.org, linimon@FreeBSD.org
* The Perl-related code parts have been extracted from bsd.port.mk to
bsd.perl.mk. This includes the user-settable knobs (e.g. USE_PERL5)
and infrastructure parts of the code, like default targets. The new
code is designed to be conditionally included based on either
some of the default settings remain in bsd.port.mk while we make
sure that all ports comply with this.
* A convenient version handling has been implemented for Perl-related
knobs. With this new feature one can require a minimal, a maximal or an
exact version, that the given port needs. For the full description and
some examples, please see the documentation in bsd.perl.mk.
AUTHOR: gabor@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.*.mk and to
* The variable definitions that cover command line tools, e.g. MKDIR, were
extracted from bsd.port.mk into bsd.commands.mk, so that we can
reuse them within the infrastructure later.
* The old DESTDIR implementation was removed both from the infrastructure,
and from the individual ports. Variables like TARGETDIR should not longer
be used.
* A new DESTDIR implementation has been added, implemented in bsd.destdir.mk.
The new implementation puts no requirements on the individual ports.
AUTHOR: python@FreeBSD.org
* The default Python version has been changed from 2.4.x to 2.5.x.
* A number of variables have been added to bsd.python.mk to support
the more integrated support for Python eggs, including:
* More detailed descriptions of the variables can be found in the comments
in bsd.python.mk.
AUTHOR: rafan@FreeBSD.org
* The default CONFIGURE_ARGS when GNU_CONFIGURE is set now contains
--mandir and --infodir if configure script supports them.
AUTHOR: maho@FreeBSD.org
* Add knob USE_FORTRAN for ports which uses FORTRAN. All ports uses
FORTRAN compiler should use this knob. Usages are: USE_FORTRAN=yes
(default;gfortran42), USE_FORTRAN=ifc (Intel FORTRAN compiler)
and USE_FORTRAN=g77 (/usr/bin/f77 or g77-34).
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following change was made to the ports infrastructure:
* Virtual category 'kld' was added. If the port installs kernel loadable
modules, it should be included in this category.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* The 'make-deinstall-all' target now checks for moved ports.
* The installation directories PORTEXAMPLES and PORTDATA are now defined.
* The USE_MAKESELF knob is added for ports that use the makeself archiver.
* The description of fetch-list was updated. The targets fetch-required-list,
fetch-url-list, and fetch-urlall-list were added.
* 'make search' will also now search in ports/MOVED.
* The default method for 'make update' is now portsnap. Previously,
you had to manually select one of 3 methods: SUP_UPDATE, CVS_UPDATE,
or PORTSNAP_UPDATE. The latter is now obsolete.
* Several Makevar definitions have been moved to the pre-makefile section:
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* The default dependency of USE_GHOSTSCRIPT has been changed from
ghostscript-gnu to ghostscript-gpl. The WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GPL variable is
now no-op. New WITH_GHOSTSCRIPT_GNU variable was added.
* bsd.tcl.mk was overhauled. Most importantly, the semantics of USE_TCL* and
USE_TK* variables was changed. USE_TCL and USE_TK now implies both build
and run dependencies, USE_TCL_RUN and USE_TK_BUILD variables were
introduced. Existing ports in the tree were modified.
* Unused category 'tcl81' was removed, and new categories 'tcl' and 'tk'
were added.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* Default LIBTOOLFILES value was changed from literal `configure'
* bsd.efl.mk was moved to ports/Mk. USE_EFL family of macros is now
generally available to all ports.
* New macros COPYTREE_BIN and COPYTREE_SHARE were added, to allow
for easy installation of a tree hierarchy, either with executable (bin)
or read-only (share) permissions on files.
* A new variable WWWDIR was added, with default value of
added for porter's convenience. They contain the values of their
respective non-REL variables, except relative to installation PREFIX.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* bsd.ocaml.mk and bsd.xfce.mk were added.
* The FETCH_CMD was refactored so that ports can override the command,
the arguments, or both.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* The remaining vestiges of FreeBSD 4.X support were removed. Any
remaining users of 4.X should have stayed with the RELEASE_4_EOL tag.
* It is now possible to include USE_PHP after bsd.port.pre.mk.
* 'make search' should now work with non-default ${PORTSDIR}.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were made to the ports infrastructure:
* DEPENDS variable was removed, please use other *_DEPENDS variables instead.
* A new pkg-plist keyword is available, @stopdaemon. It will call forcestop
on all rc.subr scripts installed by the port on deinstall, effectively
stopping services on deinstall/upgrade.
* rc.subr script suffix is now available in Makefile as RC_SUBR_SUFFIX.
* New variable USE_CDRTOOLS was introduced. It replaced direct dependencies
on sysutils/cdrtools port. It now automatically support switching to
cdrtools-cjk port when user specified WITH_CJK. All ports were converted.
* USE_DOS2UNIX, infrastructure for converting DOS to UNIX line feeds, was
enhanced by a new variable DOS2UNIX_REGEX. It allows to specify a find
-iregex parameter to limit touched files by file extensions.
* Support for partially translated manpages was added. For examples of
usage, please refer to Porter's Handbook.
* USE_TCL/USE_TK variables were changed to provide runtime dependency. New
variables USE_TCL_BUILD and USE_TK_BUILD were added. All unintuitive
quirks of these variables were fixed.
* USE_LDCONFIG was fixed to work properly for ports, that specify @cwd in the
* Old bsd.java.mk version 1.0 macros were removed.
* New category: ports-mgmt
* New virtual category: gnustep
* Unused 'picobsd' category was removed.
AUTHOR: maho@FreeBSD.org
We'd like to ask all ports maintainers, who are using Fortran77 (f77 in base),
to switch to Fortran90/95 (gfortran42, lang/gcc42). Please refer to
for details.
AUTHOR: gnome@FreeBSD.org
The following changes have been introduced to the GNOME porting process
during the GNOME 2.16 update:
* GNOME is now installed into LOCALBASE. Any port which makes use of the
gnomeprefix component will have its PREFIX forced to LOCALBASE
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* The bsd.port.mk pre and post includes have been split into 3 pieces
instead of 2, to allow OPTIONS to be able to influence dependencies.
This is still experimental and not yet enabled by any port. This adds
the file 'bsd.port.options.mk'.
* bsd.gcc.mk has been updated to understand gfortran.
* emulators/linux_base is now removed. linux_base-fc4 has been the default
for some time.
* The USE_FIREBIRD macro was added to bsd.database.mk.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* PKGVERSION was introduced as an intermediate variable refactored out of
* bsd.lua.mk was added to support lua-related ports.
* DESTDIR was removed from bsd.scons.mk because it was problematic.
* Some quotes were added to the 'missing' target to improve handling of
duplicate origins.
AUTHOR: sat@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.sites.mk:
* MASTER_SITES variable can now look like MACRO1/subdir1 MACRO2/subdir2, and
be expanded in a way that you expect it to, that is apply different subdirs
to different sites. You can safely replace ${M_S_FOO:S/%SUBDIR%/bar/} with
* If M_S_SUBDIR is unset, a macro in M_S won't set it anymore, but rather
substitute %SUBDIR% all by itself. Now it's possible to use macros with
different default subdirs and they will expand in a proper way.
AUTHOR: sat@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.sites.mk:
* MASTER_SITES variable can now contain special macros which are expanded into
traditional URL[:group] syntax and cause some convenient effects, e.g. set a
default M_S_SUBDIR.
* A macro is any space-delimited word in MASTER_SITES without a forward slash.
* If MASTER_SITE_<macro> is defined, then the macro is expanded to its value.
* Abbreviated macros are provided for extremely popular locations, e.g. CPAN
and SF. To avoid further obfuscation their unabbreviated equivalents should
be avoided.
* Popular macros can trigger M_S_SUBDIR to default to a predefined value, e.g.
${PORTNAME:L} for SF and ${PORTNAME:C/-.*//} for CPAN.
* Abbreviations and M_S_SUBDIR defaults are defined by MASTER_SITES_ABBREVS
and MASTER_SITES_SUBDIRS, both set in bsd.sites.mk.
* If a macro belongs to a group (e.g. SF:source1), all the sites it expands
into also belong to the same group.
* Macros and traditional URL's can be mixed safely, their order stays intact.
AUTHOR: gabor@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.*.mk and to
* Add DESTDIR support to let one install ports into a jail from outside.
A package is installed under ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX} now and registered under
* TARGETDIR variable has been added for referencing ${DESTDIR}${PREFIX}.
* LOCALBASE, LINUXBASE and X11BASE variables point to the final destination
now, LOCALBASE_REL, LINUXBASE_REL and X11BASE_REL can be used for the
old behavior. The behavior has not been changed in PLIST_SUB.
Note, that the three variables are still overridable with a hack, so this
change doesn't affect POLA, but necessary for DESTDIR support.
* OSVERSION is now determined from the userland, not from the kernel.
Cross-compiling between releases is still not supported, but this
behavior is more correct for jails with differing userland from
the kernel version.
* Add some sanity check for PREFIX and DESTDIR. This can be skipped by
defining IGNORE_PATH_CHECKS, but very discouraged.
* Deinstalling from DESTDIR, determining if a port is already installed in
DESTDIR, etc. are implemented by chrooting those specific commands.
* Text changes to reflect that we are installing to DESTDIR, removing from
Note, that this change implements only the infrastructure support. Ports should
also be implemented to respect DESTDIR.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* Introduces IA32_BINARY_PORT for certain cases where a given port fetches
and installs compiled i386 binaries.
* Adds some infrastructure for support of 32-bit i386 apps on amd64.
* Again fix USE_LDCONFIG logic to make it work with non-default PREFIX to
fix bug introduced in previous revision.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* Change all bogus uses of BROKEN to IGNORE. (Note: the BROKEN_WITH_*
forms are retained for compatibility but deprecated.) Internally,
these variables all had already set IGNORE, not BROKEN, so they
were really misnomers.
* Fix USE_LDCONFIG with non-default PREFIX.
* Fix DESKTOP_ENTRIES processing on 4.x.
* Add 'make missing' to show missing dependencies.
* Add bsd.scons.mk and bsd.wx.mk.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The patch in ports/95841 to get rid of remnants of FORCE_PKG_REGISTER
was backed out because it broke kdelibs3*.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* Update default MySQL version from 4.1 to 5.0 [1]
* Update default PHP version from 4 to 5 [2]
* Update default LDAP version from 2.2 to 2.3 [3]
* Add support for LDAP version 2.4 [4]
* Update default linux_base from '8' (Redhat 8) to 'fc4' (Fedora Core 4) [5]
* Switch default Linux X implementation from XFree86 to X.org to track the
above [5]
* Deprecate INSTALLS_SHLIB and replace it by USE_LDCONFIG. If set to "yes",
the old behavior is preserved. Otherwise, it can be set to a list of
directories to be added to ${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig/${UNIQUENAME}.
Note that this directory is used by ldconfig startup script, it is meant
to replace ldconfig scripts installed by some ports as (sometimes
000.${UNQUENAME}.sh) [6]
* Adds USE_LDCONFIG32 which is like USE_LDCONFIG but the target file is
${PREFIX}/libdata/ldconfig32/${UNIQUENAME} instead. (Note: this should
only be used on 64-bit architectures) [6]
* Set the default LANG for tr to be C to avoid some build problems [7]
* Include bsd.java.mk in both pre and post sections [8]
* Get rid of remnants of FORCE_PKG_REGISTER [9]
* Always print options with make showconfig [10]
PR: 92805 [1], 92806 [2], 96793 [3], 97515 [4], 96849 [5],
91933 [6], 91381 [7], 97020 [8], 95841 [9], 97133 [10]
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following functional changes were made to bsd.port.mk:
* include bsd.emacs.mk only when USE_EMACS is set [5]
* Correct the implementation of pretty-print-run-depends-list [8]
* Use a consistent name for the cookies file when PKGNAMEPREFIX/SUFFIX
are set after bsd.port.pre.mk. [9]
* Include bsd.tcl.mk if USE_TCL_BUILD is defined [10]
* Set PERL_MM_USE_DEFAULT in BATCH mode [11]
{ONLY,NOT}_FOR_ARCH_REASON_${ARCH} variables to allow better
customization of the error string reported to users when they
attempt a build on an unsupported architecture. [12]
* Avoid errors from duplicated targets when parsing MLINKS on ports
without a default value set. [13]
* Fix handling of MLINKS when invalid entries are listed [14]
* Enforce sanity of DESKTOP_ENTRIES. If the Categories field is
omitted, try to map ports categories to their freedesktop.org
counterpart [15]
PR: 95238 [5], 94164 [8], 94219 [9], 92355 [10],
95579 [11], 94675 [12], 66109 [13], 66110 [14], 95603 [15]
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes affecting ports developers were introduced:
* Gamin is a default FAM system
* New virtual categories: hamradio and rubygems
* Virtual category 'offix' was removed
* New USE_DOS2UNIX variable for converting DOS linefeeds to UNIX
* Variables like BROKEN and FORBIDDEN should no longer be quoted
* New NOFETCHFILES variable to prevent downloading from MASTER_SITES
while still allowing MASTER_SITE_OVERRIDE
* New plist macro @dirrmtry with functionality of @unexec rmdir || true
* USE_REINPLACE no longer needs to be defined, REINPLACE_CMD is always
Detailed documentation of new features is available in Porter's Handbook.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were introduced:
* Add bsd.database.mk
- move out from bsd.port.mk USE_MYSQL and USE_PGSQL.
- add support for Berkeley DB and SQLite (via USE_BDB and USE_SQLITE
* Escape '+' in make search
* Add "makepatch" target to simplify creation of patches during porting
* Replace deprecated MACHINE_ARCH with ARCH
* Remove support of OpenLDAP 2.1
* Add bsd.tcl.mk
It introduces USE_TCL/USE_TCL_BUILD knobs to support various
version of tcl (8.0 -> 8.4)
* Fix cosmetic bugs in security-check target
* Add support for INDEX-7 and above (up to INDEX-9 actually)
* Add "package-recursive" to bsd.port.subdir.mk
* Remove check for FreeBSD version < 460101
* New category: net-im
* Add .desktop file facilities
It introduces DESKTOPDIR and DESKTOP_ENTRIES knobs
* Add SHA256 support to "*checksum" targets
* Force NO_LINT to MAKE_ENV to avoid library breaks
* Fix typo: s/RC_ORDER/USE_RCORDER/g
* Add support for PostgreSQL 8.1
* Add bsd.apache.mk
USE_APACHE knob enhancements
AUTHOR: gnome@FreeBSD.org
GNOME has been upgraded from 2.10.2 to 2.12.1. This update brings with
it many important porting changes:
- gtk20's pkg-config file no longer contains the X11 pango modules.
Therefore, if your port requires these modules, you may have to
manually patch them in to your port's Makefiles. Contact
gnome@FreeBSD.org if you have questions on this.
- A new USE_GNOME component, ltverhack, has been added. This
pseudo-component hacks libtool so that shared library versions are
more consistent with other operating systems. Using this component
can prevent unnecessary shared library version changes.
- A new macro, INSTALLS_ICONS, has been added. If your port installs
Freedesktop-style icons to ${LOCALBASE}/share/icons or
${X11BASE}/share/icons, then you should use this macro. NOTE:
use of this macro requires your port to set either USE_GNOME or
AUTHOR: netchild@FreeBSD.org
- USE_LINUX now implies NO_FILTER_SHLIBS=yes. It also doesn't use FreeBSD
tools to strip binaries anymore, so it's not necessary anymore to override
- In the USE_LINUX case, USE_XLIB now depends upon the Linux X11 libraries
instead upon the native FreeBSD libraries.
- The variable LINUX_BASE_PORT contains a string which is suitable as an
item in *_DEPENDS, so if a port BATCH_DEPENDS or FETCH_DEPENDS upon the
default (or overridden) Linux base, ${LINUX_BASE_PORT} should be used
instead of a hardcoded reference.
- If USE_LINUX or OVERRIDE_LINUX_BASE doesn't point to an existing linux_base
port and if USE_LINUX isn't set to "yes" (case insensitive), the port will
be marked as IGNORE.
AUTHOR: portmgr@FreeBSD.org
The following changes were introduced:
* Improve documentation of CONFLICTS.
* Fix add-plist-docs target to work correctly with wildcards.
* Fix USE_MYSQL and USE_PGSQL knobs to work in partial ports
* Introduce 2 new variables: USE_FAM and WANT_FAM_SYSTEM.
* Suppress "Vulnerability check disabled" message if
* Switch default MySQL version to 4.1
* Add support for OpenLDAP v.23
* Fix add-plist-info and add-plist-post targets to avoid warnings
from ports which redefine them.
* Fix add-plist-docs target to handle NOPORTDOCS knob properly.
* Use INSTALLDIRS="site" in configure for perl ports.
* Add an ability to depend on versioned installed package.
Please note, it's experimental feature, work is currently in
AUTHOR: jdp@FreeBSD.org
The CVSup port has been upgraded with a patch to correct the
handling of the "refuse" file for files that are in the CVS Attic.
This solves a problem some people were having, where CVSup would
delete their ports/INDEX* files even though the files were listed
in the "refuse" file. The bug fix is in the cvsupd server, so
mirror sites must upgrade their servers in order for this fix to
help. Meanwhile, adding "ports/Attic/INDEX*" to the refuse file
serves as a work-around.
AUTHOR: kwm@FreeBSD.org
The gstreamer-plugins gconf dependency moved to its own port in devel.
When your application needs gstreamer-plug-gconf, just add
USE_GSTREAMER=gconf to you Makefile
AUTHOR: gnome@FreeBSD.org
New GNOME components have been