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Peter Holm c925454668 stress2: Added another fsck_ffs test scenario 4 days ago
boot tools/boot: Fix's ZFS exclusion test 2 weeks ago
bsdbox ncurses: only keep the version with widechar support 2 years ago
build check/delete-old: Fix /bin/rmail removal condition 3 weeks ago
bus_space Add support for Python 3 and make it the default. 3 years ago
coccinelle copystr(9): Move to deprecate (attempt #2) 2 years ago
debugscripts since was removed a while back, this script isn't useful 2 years ago
diag ufs: Rework shortlink handling to avoid subobject overflows 7 months ago
kerneldoc twa: Remove 9 months ago
lua Move ifconfig SFP status functionality into libifconfig 2 years ago
pkgbase pkgbase: Fix a typo in a source code comment 5 months ago
regression Apply some style(9) to pthread tests 4 months ago
sched port to Python 3 7 months ago
test stress2: Added another fsck_ffs test scenario 4 days ago
tools git-arc: Fix the -y option 4 weeks ago
uma/smrstress tools/uma/smrstress: fix kthread exit 2 weeks ago
README Fix handling -U. It does not take any arguments. 5 years ago Improve the library dependencies helper script in src/tools. 5 years ago



This directory tree contains tools used for the maintenance and
testing of FreeBSD. There is no toplevel Makefile structure since
these tools are not meant to be built as part of the standard system,
though there may be individual Makefiles in some of the subdirs.

Please read the README files in the subdirs for further information.