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# @(#)Makefile 8.1 (Berkeley) 6/8/93
# $FreeBSD$
# reorder gives an editor command for most common terminals
# (in reverse order from n'th to 1'st most commonly used)
# to move them to the front of termcap
MAN= termcap.5
PACKAGE= runtime
FILES= termcap termcap.db
CLEANFILES+= termcap.db termcap.small
CONFS= termcap.small
TERMCAP_SMALL_ENTS?= SC cons25 cons25-m cons25-w cons25l1 cons25l1-m \
cons25l1-w cons25l2 cons25l2-m cons25l7 cons25l7-m cons25r cons25r-m \
cons25r-mv cons25r-v cons25w cons30 cons30-m cons30-w cons30l1 cons30l1-m \
cons30l1-w cons30l2 cons30l2-m cons30l7 cons30l7-m cons30r cons30r-m \
cons30r-mv cons30r-v cons43 cons43-m cons43-w cons43l1 cons43l1-m \
cons43l1-w cons43l2 cons43l2-m cons43l7 cons43l7-m cons43r cons43r-m \
cons43r-mv cons43r-v cons50 cons50-m cons50-w cons50l1 cons50l1-m \
cons50l1-w cons50l2 cons50l2-m cons50l7 cons50l7-m cons50r cons50r-m \
cons50r-mv cons50r-v cons60 cons60-m cons60-w cons60l1 cons60l1-m \
cons60l1-w cons60l2 cons60l2-m cons60l7 cons60l7-m cons60r cons60r-m \
cons60r-mv cons60r-v ecma[+]italics vt100 xterm xterm-basic xterm-clear \
xterm-color xterm-new xterm-r6 xterm-r6-clear
.include <>
.include <>
termcap.db: termcap
termcap.small: termcap
set -e; set -o pipefail; \
for tcname in ${TERMCAP_SMALL_ENTS}; \
do \
echo; awk "/^$${tcname}[:|]/{ f = 1; print; next } /^[^\t]/{ f = 0 } f" ${.ALLSRC}; \
done) > ${.TARGET}
${INSTALL_SYMLINK} -T "package=runtime" \
${BINDIR}/misc/termcap ${DESTDIR}/etc/termcap
.include <>