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# $FreeBSD$
SUBDIR= engines
.include <>
.include <>
PACKAGE= openssl
LIB= crypto
PCFILES= libcrypto.pc
.include ""
.include ""
SRCS= cpt_err.c cryptlib.c ctype.c cversion.c ex_data.c getenv.c init.c
SRCS+= mem.c mem_dbg.c mem_sec.c o_dir.c o_fips.c o_fopen.c o_init.c
SRCS+= o_str.c o_time.c threads_pthread.c uid.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= arm64cpuid.S armcap.c
ACFLAGS.arm64cpuid.S= -march=armv8-a+crypto
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= x86_64cpuid.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= armv4cpuid.S armcap.c
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= x86cpuid.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= ppccpuid.S ppccap.c
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= ppccpuid.S ppccap.c
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= ppccpuid.S ppccap.c
SRCS+= mem_clr.c
# aes
SRCS+= aes_cbc.c aes_cfb.c aes_ecb.c aes_ige.c aes_misc.c aes_ofb.c aes_wrap.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aesv8-armx.S vpaes-armv8.S
ACFLAGS.aesv8-armx.S= -march=armv8-a+crypto
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aesni-mb-x86_64.S aesni-sha1-x86_64.S aesni-sha256-x86_64.S
SRCS+= aesni-x86_64.S vpaes-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= aes-armv4.S aesv8-armx.S bsaes-armv7.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aesni-x86.S vpaes-x86.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aes-ppc.S vpaes-ppc.S aesp8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aes-ppc.S vpaes-ppc.S aesp8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= aes_core.c aes-ppc.S vpaes-ppc.S aesp8-ppc.S
SRCS+= aes_core.c
# aria
SRCS+= aria.c
# asn1
SRCS+= a_bitstr.c a_d2i_fp.c a_digest.c a_dup.c a_gentm.c a_i2d_fp.c
SRCS+= a_int.c a_mbstr.c a_object.c a_octet.c a_print.c a_sign.c a_strex.c
SRCS+= a_strnid.c a_time.c a_type.c a_utctm.c a_utf8.c a_verify.c
SRCS+= ameth_lib.c asn1_err.c asn1_gen.c asn1_item_list.c asn1_lib.c
SRCS+= asn1_par.c asn_mime.c asn_moid.c asn_mstbl.c asn_pack.c bio_asn1.c
SRCS+= bio_ndef.c d2i_pr.c d2i_pu.c evp_asn1.c f_int.c f_string.c i2d_pr.c
SRCS+= i2d_pu.c n_pkey.c nsseq.c p5_pbe.c p5_pbev2.c p5_scrypt.c p8_pkey.c
SRCS+= t_bitst.c t_pkey.c t_spki.c tasn_dec.c tasn_enc.c tasn_fre.c
SRCS+= tasn_new.c tasn_prn.c tasn_scn.c tasn_typ.c tasn_utl.c x_algor.c
SRCS+= x_bignum.c x_info.c x_int64.c x_long.c x_pkey.c x_sig.c x_spki.c
SRCS+= x_val.c
# async
SRCS+= async.c async_err.c async_posix.c async_wait.c
# bf
SRCS+= bf_cfb64.c bf_ecb.c bf_ofb64.c bf_skey.c
.if defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= bf-586.S
SRCS+= bf_enc.c
# bio
SRCS+= b_addr.c b_dump.c b_print.c b_sock.c b_sock2.c bf_buff.c bf_lbuf.c
SRCS+= bf_nbio.c bf_null.c bio_cb.c bio_err.c bio_lib.c bio_meth.c
SRCS+= bss_acpt.c bss_bio.c bss_conn.c bss_dgram.c bss_fd.c bss_file.c
SRCS+= bss_log.c bss_mem.c bss_null.c bss_sock.c
# blake2
SRCS+= blake2b.c blake2s.c m_blake2b.c m_blake2s.c
# bn
SRCS+= bn_add.c bn_blind.c bn_const.c bn_ctx.c bn_depr.c bn_dh.c bn_div.c
SRCS+= bn_err.c bn_exp.c bn_exp2.c bn_gcd.c bn_gf2m.c bn_intern.c bn_kron.c
SRCS+= bn_lib.c bn_mod.c bn_mont.c bn_mpi.c bn_mul.c bn_nist.c bn_prime.c
SRCS+= bn_print.c bn_rand.c bn_recp.c bn_shift.c bn_sqr.c bn_sqrt.c
SRCS+= bn_srp.c bn_word.c bn_x931p.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= armv8-mont.S bn_asm.c
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= rsaz-avx2.S rsaz-x86_64.S rsaz_exp.c x86_64-gcc.c x86_64-gf2m.S
SRCS+= x86_64-mont.S x86_64-mont5.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= armv4-gf2m.S armv4-mont.S bn_asm.c
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= bn-586.S co-586.S x86-gf2m.S x86-mont.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= ppc.S ppc-mont.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= ppc.S ppc-mont.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= ppc.S ppc-mont.S
SRCS+= bn_asm.c
# Full of strict aliasing violations that LLVM has been seen to break with
# optimisations, which can lead to ECDSA signatures not working. See
# for the upstream bug report.
CFLAGS.bn_nist.c+= -fno-strict-aliasing
# buffer
SRCS+= buf_err.c buffer.c
# camellia
SRCS+= cmll_cfb.c cmll_ctr.c cmll_ecb.c cmll_ofb.c
.if defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= cmll-x86_64.S cmll_misc.c
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= cmll-x86.S
SRCS+= camellia.c cmll_cbc.c cmll_misc.c
# cast
SRCS+= c_cfb64.c c_ecb.c c_enc.c c_ofb64.c c_skey.c
# chacha
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= chacha-armv8.S
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= chacha-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= chacha-armv4.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= chacha-x86.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= chacha-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= chacha-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= chacha-ppc.S
SRCS+= chacha_enc.c
# cmac
SRCS+= cm_ameth.c cm_pmeth.c cmac.c
# cms
SRCS+= cms_asn1.c cms_att.c cms_dd.c cms_enc.c cms_env.c cms_err.c
SRCS+= cms_ess.c cms_io.c cms_kari.c cms_lib.c cms_pwri.c cms_sd.c
SRCS+= cms_smime.c
# comp
SRCS+= c_zlib.c comp_err.c comp_lib.c
# conf
SRCS+= conf_api.c conf_def.c conf_err.c conf_lib.c conf_mall.c conf_mod.c
SRCS+= conf_sap.c conf_ssl.c
# ct
SRCS+= ct_b64.c ct_err.c ct_log.c ct_oct.c ct_policy.c ct_prn.c ct_sct.c
SRCS+= ct_sct_ctx.c ct_vfy.c ct_x509v3.c
# des
SRCS+= cbc_cksm.c cbc_enc.c cfb64ede.c cfb64enc.c cfb_enc.c ecb3_enc.c
SRCS+= ecb_enc.c fcrypt.c ofb64ede.c ofb64enc.c ofb_enc.c pcbc_enc.c
SRCS+= qud_cksm.c rand_key.c set_key.c str2key.c xcbc_enc.c
.if defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= crypt586.S des-586.S
SRCS+= des_enc.c fcrypt_b.c
# dh
SRCS+= dh_ameth.c dh_asn1.c dh_check.c dh_depr.c dh_err.c dh_gen.c dh_kdf.c
SRCS+= dh_key.c dh_lib.c dh_meth.c dh_pmeth.c dh_prn.c dh_rfc5114.c
SRCS+= dh_rfc7919.c
# dsa
SRCS+= dsa_ameth.c dsa_asn1.c dsa_depr.c dsa_err.c dsa_gen.c dsa_key.c
SRCS+= dsa_lib.c dsa_meth.c dsa_ossl.c dsa_pmeth.c dsa_prn.c dsa_sign.c
SRCS+= dsa_vrf.c
# dso
SRCS+= dso_dlfcn.c dso_err.c dso_lib.c
# ec
SRCS+= curve25519.c curve448.c curve448_tables.c ec2_oct.c ec2_smpl.c
SRCS+= ec_ameth.c ec_asn1.c ec_check.c ec_curve.c ec_cvt.c ec_err.c
SRCS+= ec_key.c ec_kmeth.c ec_lib.c ec_mult.c ec_oct.c ec_pmeth.c
SRCS+= ec_print.c ecdh_kdf.c ecdh_ossl.c ecdsa_ossl.c ecdsa_sign.c
SRCS+= ecdsa_vrf.c eck_prn.c ecp_mont.c ecp_nist.c ecp_oct.c ecp_smpl.c
SRCS+= ecx_meth.c eddsa.c f_generic.c f_impl.c scalar.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-armv8.S ecp_nistz256.c
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-x86_64.S ecp_nistz256.c x25519-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-armv4.S ecp_nistz256.c
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-x86.S ecp_nistz256.c
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-ppc64.S ecp_nistz256.c x25519-ppc64.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= ecp_nistz256-ppc64.S ecp_nistz256.c x25519-ppc64.S
# engine
SRCS+= eng_all.c eng_cnf.c eng_ctrl.c eng_devcrypto.c eng_dyn.c eng_err.c
SRCS+= eng_fat.c eng_init.c eng_lib.c eng_list.c eng_openssl.c eng_pkey.c
SRCS+= eng_rdrand.c eng_table.c tb_asnmth.c tb_cipher.c tb_dh.c tb_digest.c
SRCS+= tb_dsa.c tb_eckey.c tb_pkmeth.c tb_rand.c tb_rsa.c
# err
SRCS+= err.c err_all.c err_prn.c
# evp
SRCS+= bio_b64.c bio_enc.c bio_md.c bio_ok.c c_allc.c c_alld.c cmeth_lib.c
SRCS+= digest.c e_aes.c e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha1.c e_aes_cbc_hmac_sha256.c
SRCS+= e_aria.c e_bf.c e_camellia.c e_cast.c e_chacha20_poly1305.c e_des.c
SRCS+= e_des3.c e_idea.c e_null.c e_old.c e_rc2.c e_rc4.c e_rc4_hmac_md5.c
SRCS+= e_rc5.c e_seed.c e_sm4.c e_xcbc_d.c encode.c evp_cnf.c evp_enc.c
SRCS+= evp_err.c evp_key.c evp_lib.c evp_pbe.c evp_pkey.c m_md4.c m_md5.c
SRCS+= m_md5_sha1.c m_mdc2.c m_null.c m_ripemd.c m_sha1.c m_sha3.c
SRCS+= m_sigver.c m_wp.c names.c p5_crpt.c p5_crpt2.c p_dec.c p_enc.c
SRCS+= p_lib.c p_open.c p_seal.c p_sign.c p_verify.c pbe_scrypt.c
SRCS+= pmeth_fn.c pmeth_gn.c pmeth_lib.c
# hmac
SRCS+= hm_ameth.c hm_pmeth.c hmac.c
# idea
SRCS+= i_cbc.c i_cfb64.c i_ecb.c i_ofb64.c i_skey.c
# kdf
SRCS+= hkdf.c kdf_err.c scrypt.c tls1_prf.c
# lhash
SRCS+= lh_stats.c lhash.c
# md4
SRCS+= md4_dgst.c md4_one.c
# md5
SRCS+= md5_dgst.c md5_one.c
.if defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= md5-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= md5-586.S
# mdc2
SRCS+= mdc2_one.c mdc2dgst.c
# modes
SRCS+= cbc128.c ccm128.c cfb128.c ctr128.c cts128.c gcm128.c ocb128.c
SRCS+= ofb128.c wrap128.c xts128.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= ghashv8-armx.S
ACFLAGS.ghashv8-armx.S= -march=armv8-a+crypto
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= aesni-gcm-x86_64.S ghash-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= ghash-armv4.S ghashv8-armx.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= ghash-x86.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= ghashp8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= ghashp8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= ghashp8-ppc.S
# objects
SRCS+= o_names.c obj_dat.c obj_err.c obj_lib.c obj_xref.c
# ocsp
SRCS+= ocsp_asn.c ocsp_cl.c ocsp_err.c ocsp_ext.c ocsp_ht.c ocsp_lib.c
SRCS+= ocsp_prn.c ocsp_srv.c ocsp_vfy.c v3_ocsp.c
# pem
SRCS+= pem_all.c pem_err.c pem_info.c pem_lib.c pem_oth.c pem_pk8.c
SRCS+= pem_pkey.c pem_sign.c pem_x509.c pem_xaux.c pvkfmt.c
# pkcs12
SRCS+= p12_add.c p12_asn.c p12_attr.c p12_crpt.c p12_crt.c p12_decr.c
SRCS+= p12_init.c p12_key.c p12_kiss.c p12_mutl.c p12_npas.c p12_p8d.c
SRCS+= p12_p8e.c p12_sbag.c p12_utl.c pk12err.c
# pkcs7
SRCS+= bio_pk7.c pk7_asn1.c pk7_attr.c pk7_doit.c pk7_lib.c pk7_mime.c
SRCS+= pk7_smime.c pkcs7err.c
# poly1305
SRCS+= poly1305.c poly1305_ameth.c poly1305_pmeth.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= poly1305-armv8.S
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= poly1305-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= poly1305-armv4.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= poly1305-x86.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= poly1305-ppc.S poly1305-ppcfp.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= poly1305-ppc.S poly1305-ppcfp.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= poly1305-ppc.S poly1305-ppcfp.S
# rand
SRCS+= drbg_ctr.c drbg_lib.c rand_err.c rand_lib.c rand_unix.c randfile.c
# rc2
SRCS+= rc2_cbc.c rc2_ecb.c rc2_skey.c rc2cfb64.c rc2ofb64.c
# rc4
.if defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= rc4-md5-x86_64.S rc4-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= rc4-586.S
SRCS+= rc4_enc.c rc4_skey.c
# rc5
SRCS+= rc5_ecb.c rc5_skey.c rc5cfb64.c rc5ofb64.c
.if defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= rc5-586.S
SRCS+= rc5_enc.c
# ripemd
SRCS+= rmd_dgst.c rmd_one.c
.if defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= rmd-586.S
# rsa
SRCS+= rsa_ameth.c rsa_asn1.c rsa_chk.c rsa_crpt.c rsa_depr.c rsa_err.c
SRCS+= rsa_gen.c rsa_lib.c rsa_meth.c rsa_mp.c rsa_none.c rsa_oaep.c
SRCS+= rsa_ossl.c rsa_pk1.c rsa_pmeth.c rsa_prn.c rsa_pss.c rsa_saos.c
SRCS+= rsa_sign.c rsa_ssl.c rsa_x931.c rsa_x931g.c
# seed
SRCS+= seed.c seed_cbc.c seed_cfb.c seed_ecb.c seed_ofb.c
# sha
SRCS+= sha1_one.c sha1dgst.c sha256.c sha512.c
.if defined(ASM_aarch64)
SRCS+= keccak1600-armv8.S sha1-armv8.S sha256-armv8.S sha512-armv8.S
.elif defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= keccak1600-x86_64.S sha1-mb-x86_64.S sha1-x86_64.S
SRCS+= sha256-mb-x86_64.S sha256-x86_64.S sha512-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_arm)
SRCS+= keccak1600-armv4.S sha1-armv4-large.S sha256-armv4.S sha512-armv4.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= keccak1600.c sha1-586.S sha256-586.S sha512-586.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc)
SRCS+= keccak1600.c sha1-ppc.S sha256-ppc.S sha512-ppc.S sha256p8-ppc.S sha512p8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64)
SRCS+= keccak1600-ppc64.S sha1-ppc.S sha256-ppc.S sha512-ppc.S sha256p8-ppc.S sha512p8-ppc.S
.elif defined(ASM_powerpc64le)
SRCS+= keccak1600-ppc64.S sha1-ppc.S sha256-ppc.S sha512-ppc.S sha256p8-ppc.S sha512p8-ppc.S
SRCS+= keccak1600.c
# siphash
SRCS+= siphash.c siphash_ameth.c siphash_pmeth.c
# sm2
SRCS+= sm2_crypt.c sm2_err.c sm2_pmeth.c sm2_sign.c
# sm3
SRCS+= m_sm3.c sm3.c
# sm4
SRCS+= sm4.c
# srp
SRCS+= srp_lib.c srp_vfy.c
# stack
SRCS+= stack.c
# store
SRCS+= loader_file.c store_err.c store_init.c store_lib.c store_register.c
SRCS+= store_strings.c
# ts
SRCS+= ts_asn1.c ts_conf.c ts_err.c ts_lib.c ts_req_print.c ts_req_utils.c
SRCS+= ts_rsp_print.c ts_rsp_sign.c ts_rsp_utils.c ts_rsp_verify.c
SRCS+= ts_verify_ctx.c
# txt_db
SRCS+= txt_db.c
# ui
SRCS+= ui_err.c ui_lib.c ui_null.c ui_openssl.c ui_util.c
# whrlpool
SRCS+= wp_dgst.c
.if defined(ASM_amd64)
SRCS+= wp-x86_64.S
.elif defined(ASM_i386)
SRCS+= wp-mmx.S wp_block.c
SRCS+= wp_block.c
# x509
SRCS+= by_dir.c by_file.c t_crl.c t_req.c t_x509.c x509_att.c x509_cmp.c
SRCS+= x509_d2.c x509_def.c x509_err.c x509_ext.c x509_lu.c x509_meth.c
SRCS+= x509_obj.c x509_r2x.c x509_req.c x509_set.c x509_trs.c x509_txt.c
SRCS+= x509_v3.c x509_vfy.c x509_vpm.c x509cset.c x509name.c x509rset.c
SRCS+= x509spki.c x509type.c x_all.c x_attrib.c x_crl.c x_exten.c x_name.c
SRCS+= x_pubkey.c x_req.c x_x509.c x_x509a.c
# x509v3
SRCS+= pcy_cache.c pcy_data.c pcy_lib.c pcy_map.c pcy_node.c pcy_tree.c
SRCS+= v3_addr.c v3_admis.c v3_akey.c v3_akeya.c v3_alt.c v3_asid.c
SRCS+= v3_bcons.c v3_bitst.c v3_conf.c v3_cpols.c v3_crld.c v3_enum.c
SRCS+= v3_extku.c v3_genn.c v3_ia5.c v3_info.c v3_int.c v3_lib.c v3_ncons.c
SRCS+= v3_pci.c v3_pcia.c v3_pcons.c v3_pku.c v3_pmaps.c v3_prn.c v3_purp.c
SRCS+= v3_skey.c v3_sxnet.c v3_tlsf.c v3_utl.c v3err.c
INCS= aes.h asn1.h asn1_mac.h asn1err.h asn1t.h async.h asyncerr.h bio.h
INCS+= bioerr.h blowfish.h bn.h bnerr.h buffer.h buffererr.h camellia.h
INCS+= cast.h cmac.h cms.h cmserr.h comp.h comperr.h conf.h conf_api.h
INCS+= conferr.h crypto.h cryptoerr.h ct.h cterr.h des.h dh.h dherr.h dsa.h
INCS+= dsaerr.h dtls1.h e_os2.h ebcdic.h ec.h ecdh.h ecdsa.h ecerr.h
INCS+= engine.h engineerr.h err.h evp.h evperr.h hmac.h idea.h kdf.h
INCS+= kdferr.h lhash.h md2.h md4.h md5.h mdc2.h modes.h obj_mac.h
INCS+= objects.h objectserr.h ocsp.h ocsperr.h opensslconf.h opensslv.h
INCS+= ossl_typ.h pem.h pem2.h pemerr.h pkcs12.h pkcs12err.h pkcs7.h
INCS+= pkcs7err.h rand.h rand_drbg.h randerr.h rc2.h rc4.h rc5.h ripemd.h
INCS+= rsa.h rsaerr.h safestack.h seed.h sha.h srp.h srtp.h ssl.h ssl2.h
INCS+= ssl3.h sslerr.h stack.h store.h storeerr.h symhacks.h tls1.h ts.h
INCS+= tserr.h txt_db.h ui.h uierr.h whrlpool.h x509.h x509_vfy.h x509err.h
INCS+= x509v3.h x509v3err.h
LIBADD= pthread
CFLAGS+= -I${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ec/curve448
CFLAGS+= -I${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ec/curve448/arch_32
CFLAGS+= -I${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/modes
.if !empty(SRCS:M*.S)
ACFLAGS+= -Wa,--noexecstack
SRCS+= buildinf.h
CLEANDIRS= openssl
CLEANFILES= buildinf.h opensslconf.h opensslconf.h.tmp
.if defined(ASM_${MACHINE_CPUARCH}) || defined(ASM_${MACHINE_ARCH})
.if ${MK_OPENSSL_KTLS} != "no"
buildinf.h: Makefile
( echo "/*"; \
echo " * WARNING: do not edit!"; \
echo " * Generated by ${.ALLSRC}"; \
echo " */"; \
echo "#define PLATFORM \"platform: FreeBSD-${MACHINE_ARCH}\""; \
echo "#define DATE \"built on: reproducible build, date unspecified\""; \
echo "static const char compiler_flags[] = \"compiler: ${COMPILER_TYPE}\";" ) \
> ${.TARGET}
beforedepend: openssl_opensslconf.h
beforebuild: openssl_opensslconf.h
openssl_opensslconf.h: opensslconf.h
mkdir -p openssl
ln -fs ${.OBJDIR}/${.ALLSRC} openssl/${.ALLSRC}
sed '${_cmd1}; ${_cmd2}' ${.ALLSRC} > ${.TARGET}.tmp
mv -f ${.TARGET}.tmp ${.TARGET}
.include <>
.if defined(ASM_${MACHINE_CPUARCH})
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/sys/crypto/openssl/${MACHINE_CPUARCH}
.if defined(ASM_amd64)
.PATH: ${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/bn/asm
.elif defined(ASM_${MACHINE_ARCH})
.PATH: ${SRCTOP}/sys/crypto/openssl/${MACHINE_ARCH}
.PATH: ${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/aes \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/aria \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/asn1 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/async \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/async/arch \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/bf \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/bio \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/blake2 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/bn \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/buffer \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/camellia \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/cast \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/chacha \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/cmac \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/cms \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/comp \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/conf \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ct \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/des \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/dh \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/dsa \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/dso \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ec \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ec/curve448 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ec/curve448/arch_32 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/engine \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/err \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/evp \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/hmac \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/idea \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/kdf \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/lhash \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/md4 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/md5 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/mdc2 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/modes \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/objects \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ocsp \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/pem \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/pkcs12 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/pkcs7 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/poly1305 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/rand \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/rc2 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/rc4 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/rc5 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ripemd \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/rsa \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/seed \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/sha \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/siphash \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/sm2 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/sm3 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/sm4 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/srp \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/stack \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/store \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ts \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/txt_db \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/ui \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/whrlpool \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/x509 \
${LCRYPTO_SRC}/crypto/x509v3 \