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Mateusz Piotrowski e7437ae907 rc: Start testing the rc(8) framework (beginning with *_oomprotect) 2 weeks ago
atf testing: provide meaningful error when pytest is not available 1 month ago
bootpd bootp: remove the USE_BFUNCS knob 10 months ago
dma dma: make the version exposed reflect the new version 11 months ago
fingerd Update Makefile.depend files 3 years ago
flua stand: lua: enhance lfs.dir() to speed up kernels_autodetect 2 years ago
ftpd ftp: Use /var/spool/ftp as ftp's home consistently 1 month ago
getty pkgbase: Put more binaries/lib in runtime 8 months ago
hyperv pkgbase: Create a FreeBSD-hyperv package 11 months ago
makewhatis.local makewhatis: do not try to operate on read-only mounted directories 4 years ago
phttpget phttpget: move out of portsnap 2 years ago
rbootd Fix the following -Werror warning from clang 10.0.0 in rbootd: 3 years ago
rc rc: Start testing the rc(8) framework (beginning with *_oomprotect) 2 weeks ago
rpc.rquotad pkgbase: Create a FreeBSD-nfs package 1 year ago
rtld-elf rtld-elf: Fix leaks and wild frees in origin_subst 1 month ago
rtld-elf32 libcompat: Correct rtld MLINKS 3 years ago
save-entropy Reduce disk write load in /usr/libexec/save-entropy. 3 years ago
talkd Regularize my copyright notice 3 years ago
tcpd pkgbase: Create a FreeBSD-tcpd package 8 months ago
telnetd ncurses: chase dependency changes in the source tree 10 months ago
tftp-proxy (t)ftp-proxy: use libpfctl 1 year ago
tftpd When receiving a file having a length, which is a mulitple of the blocksize, 2 years ago
ypxfr pkgbase: Put yellow pages programs to its own package 8 months ago
Makefile phttpget: move out of portsnap 2 years ago
Makefile.i386 Do a sweep and remove most WARNS=6 settings 2 years ago