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516 Commits (f8eb693d510f3415f618057721e38d5eecd87631)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Stefan Eßer aad963ac59 UIDs: add glewlywed user and group 11 months ago
Mikael Urankar e6f2735684 www/onlyoffice-documentserver: Add new port 11 months ago
Michiel van Baak Jansen b8e14e5f6e net-p2p/prowlarr: Add new port 12 months ago
Michiel van Baak Jansen 3c0f0ac37f net-p2p/autoscan: Add new port 1 year ago
Matthias Andree bb6ec079c5 security/openvpn: create and use dedicated openvpn user 1 year ago
Tomoyuki Sakurai a6dddfbc3b security/cfssl: Add the RC script to start as a daemon to run the HTTP-based API server 1 year ago
Kyle Evans f6b2688204 multimedia/neolink: RTSP bridge for Neolink cameras [NEW] 1 year ago
Bram Ton 4be9aca94a audio/lms: New port: Lightweight music server 1 year ago
Sven R 7fe660d747
textproc/opensearch: New port 1 year ago
Ashish SHUKLA bd3820b0b7 net-im/conduit: New port: Matrix server implemented in Rust 1 year ago
Robert Clausecker 6da4b7abdb
www/writefreely: Clean, markdown-based publishing for writers 1 year ago
Leo Vandewoestijne d04985d352 dns/yadifa: update to 2.5.0 1 year ago
Trenton Schulz af2b599fb7
net/jotta-cli: (New) Jotta Cloud Daemon and Command-Line Interface 1 year ago
Jaap Akkerhuis c2491d8377 net/krill: add new port 1 year ago
Emanuel Haupt 737f4ba148 */*: Fix entry of biboumi 1 year ago
samir 5f49d1f3a8
net-im/biboumi: new port: XMPP gateway to IRC 1 year ago
Michiel van Baak Jansen 22d8cccfd0 net-p2p/bazarr*: new ports for bazarr and bazarr-devel 1 year ago
Serhii (Sergey) Kozlov a72b75c84c ftp/sftpgo: SFTP, FTP/S, and WebDAV server [NEW] 2 years ago
Serhii (Sergey) Kozlov 3fc479f35f www/pydio-cells: Fix build and overhaul 2 years ago
Evaldas Auryla 23be95ab47 New port: net/gemserv: Gemini server written in Rust 2 years ago
Neel Chauhan 4ed1dafde0 New port: net/gmid: Simple and secure Gemini server 2 years ago
Stefan Eßer 0c973ae855 www/owncast: new port of a self-hosted streaming service 2 years ago
Alexey Dokuchaev da7851dcc6 Add a port of VictoriaMetrics, fast, cost-effective, and scalable 2 years ago
Jimmy Olgeni a1a984dd97 Add databases/webdis, a simple HTTP gateway for Redis. 2 years ago
Mathieu Arnold 5d33e04596
framework: Remove $FreeBSD$ 2 years ago
Neel Chauhan a8f4b88327 net-mgmt/unifi-poller: update to 2.1.0 2 years ago
Baptiste Daroussin e80f6c94e2 Partially revert r564709 2 years ago
Baptiste Daroussin 1eb2547bda Remove haldeamon user/group 2 years ago
Jason E. Hale 52457ab47a comms/usbmuxd: Add optional devd(8) configuration file to start and stop the 2 years ago
Dave Cottlehuber 756eca1d3a net/seaweedfs: new port - distributed object store 2 years ago
Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez 3f121a3e4f - Reserve UID and GID for gvm user. It will be use for Greenbone Vulnerability 2 years ago
Jesper Schmitz Mouridsen dbb05929b4 New port: net-im/nextcloud-spreed-signaling 2 years ago
Rene Ladan 2bc9e2a061 Recycle UID and GID for removed net/mediatomb 2 years ago
Ashish SHUKLA 239743130f New Port: net-im/dendrite 2 years ago
Mikael Urankar c595a583e3 net/gerbera: New port, UPnP/DLNA media server 2 years ago
Mikael Urankar ea60463dee dns/powerdns: Adjust dependencies for tools 2 years ago
Mikael Urankar 3fbe8e38f7 dns/encrypted-dns-server: create port 2 years ago
Dave Cottlehuber aa4d2bd119 sysutils/datadog: new port of datadog agent 2 years ago
Mikael Urankar 7f72e9498d net-mgmt/bosun: create port 2 years ago
Dimitry Andric 0dfb1ec9fc Create dedicated sandbox user for wsdd service 2 years ago
Mateusz Piotrowski 7433a94b32 sysutils/tenshi: Update to 0.17 2 years ago
Dmitri Goutnik fd874380cf www/beehive: Update to 0.4.0 and add rc script 2 years ago
Niclas Zeising 10785d5e85 Add new port: net/rpki-client 2 years ago
Koichiro Iwao d42f11bf02 net/librespeed-go: commit UIDs/GIDs 2 years ago
Danilo G. Baio 49387ba716 Add mail/py-spf-engine, Deprecate mail/postfix-policyd-spf-python 3 years ago
Palle Girgensohn 272d05187e Introducing PostgREST 3 years ago
Gleb Popov a84a002264 x11/sddm: Switch SDDM user's HOME directory from /usr/local/etc/sddm/home to 3 years ago
Renato Botelho d541d1407a devel/clixon: Add user and group 3 years ago
Jose Alonso Cardenas Marquez db260cf225 - Add odoo entries 3 years ago
Brooks Davis 1c71c2d5a0 Create and use a tests group for the tests user. 3 years ago