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OpenPAM Cantaloupe

OpenPAM Cantaloupe was released on 2002-02-22.

  • BUGFIX The proper use of PAM_SYMBOL_ERR is to indicate an invalid argument to pam_[gs]et_item(3), not to indicate dlsym(3) failures.

  • ENHANCE Add in-line documentation in most source files, and a Perl script that generates mdoc code from that.

  • BUGFIX The environment list was not properly NULL-terminated.

  • ENHANCE Allow the PAM_AUTHTOK_PROMPT item to override the prompt specified by the module.

  • BUGFIX PAM_NUM_ITEMS was set too low. It has been moved to pam_constants.h to avoid it going stale again.

  • ENHANCE Move all code related to static modules into a separate file.

  • ENHANCE openpam_ttyconv() now masks most signals while prompting the user, and supports setting a timeout (which defaults to off).

  • BUGFIX Some manual pages referenced XSSO even though they documented OpenPAM-specific functions.

  • ENHANCE Added openpam_get_option() and openpam_set_option().

  • ENHANCE openpam_get_authtok() now respects the echo_pass, try_first_pass, and use_first_pass options.

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