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OpenPAM Ourouparia

Known errata:

OpenPAM Ourouparia was released on 2014-09-12.

  • ENHANCE When executing a chain, require at least one service function to succeed. This mitigates fail-open scenarios caused by misconfigurations or missing modules.

  • ENHANCE Make sure to overwrite buffers which may have contained an authentication token when they're no longer needed.

  • BUGFIX Under certain circumstances, specifying a non-existent module (or misspelling the name of a module) in a policy could result in a fail-open scenario. (CVE-2014-3879)

  • FEATURE Add a search path for modules. This was implemented in Nummularia but inadvertently left out of the release notes.

  • BUGFIX The is_upper() predicate only accepted the letter A as an upper-case character instead of the entire A-Z range. As a result, service and module names containing upper-case letters other than A would be rejected.

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