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OpenPAM Centaury

OpenPAM Centaury was released on 2002-03-14.

  • BUGFIX Add missing #include <string.h> to openpam_log.c.

  • BUGFIX s/PAM_REINITIALISE_CRED/PAM_REINITIALIZE_CRED/. XSSO uses the former, but Solaris and Linux-PAM use the latter.

  • BUGFIX The dynamic loader and the module cache contained a number of bugs which would cause a segmentation fault if pam_start(3) was called again after pam_end(3), as happens in login(1), xdm(1) etc. after a failed login.

  • BUGFIX Refer to a module by the name used in the policy file, even if the module that was actually loaded was versioned.

  • ENHANCE Suppress debugging logs, unless compiled with -DDEBUG.

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