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OpenPAM Lycopsida

Known errata:

OpenPAM Lycopsida was released on 2011-12-18.

  • ENHANCE removed static build autodetection, which didn't work anyway. Use an explicit, user-specified preprocessor variable instead.

  • ENHANCE cleaned up the documentation a bit.

  • ENHANCE added openpam_subst(3), allowing certain PAM items to be embedded in strings such as prompts. Apply it to the prompts used by pam_get_user(3) and pam_get_authtok(3).

  • ENHANCE added support for the user_prompt, authtok_prompt and oldauthtok_prompt module options, which override the prompts passed by the module to pam_set_user(3) and pam_get_authtok(3).

  • ENHANCE rewrote the policy parser to support quoted option values.

  • ENHANCE added pamtest(1), a tool for testing modules and policies.

  • ENHANCE added code to check the ownership and permissions of a module before loading it.

  • ENHANCE added / improved input validation in many cases, including the policy file and some function arguments. (CVE-2011-4122)

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