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OpenPAM Cinnamon

OpenPAM Cinnamon was released on 2002-05-02.

  • ENHANCE Add a null conversation function, openpam_nullconv().

  • BUGFIX Various markup bugs in the documentation.

  • BUGFIX Document <security/openpam.h>.

  • BUGFIX Duplicate expansion of openpam_log() macro arguments.

  • ENHANCE Restructure the policy-loading code and align our use of the "other" policy with Solaris and Linux-PAM.

  • ENHANCE Log dlopen() and dlsym() failures.

  • ENHANCE In openpam_ttyconv(), emit a newline after error and info messages unless the message contains one already.

  • BUGFIX In pam_vprompt(), initialize the response pointer to NULL so we can detect whether the conversation function touched it.

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