1 Releases Checklist
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Release checklist

Source code

  • Update ^/trunk/HISTORY
  • Update ^/trunk/RELNOTES
  • Update OPENPAM_VERSION and OPENPAM_RELEASE in ^/trunk/include/security/openpam_version.h (use source:trunk/misc/bumpdates.sh, then revert configure.ac and the man pages)
  • svn cp trunk tags/openpam-${yyyymmdd}
  • replace trunk with ${yyyymmdd} in ^/tags/openpam-${yyyymmdd}/configure.ac and update .Dd in hand-written man pages (use source:trunk/misc/bumpdates.sh)
  • Replace ???????? in RELNOTES with the release name
  • gmake distcheck in tags/openpam-${yyyymmdd}
  • svn commit tags/openpam-${yyyymmdd}
  • gmake dist in tags/openpam-${yyyymmdd} to create the tarball
  • gpg --detach-sign --armor openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz
  • sha256 -q openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz >openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz.sha256


  • Create a subdirectory for the new release
  • Upload the tarball to the subdirectory
  • Mark the tarball as "default download" for all platforms
  • Upload the signature (.asc) and checksum (.sha256)
  • Upload RELNOTES and rename it to README


  • Create the release page
  • Paste in the release notes (use source:trunk/misc/history2wiki.pl)
  • Update the release list and the front page
  • Make the tarball, checksum and signature available for download: {{{ trac-admin /home/trac/openpam download add openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz type=source
    author=des version={Relname} description="OpenPAM {Relname}" ; trac-admin /home/trac/openpam download add openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz.sha256 type=checksum
    author=des version={Relname} description="OpenPAM {Relname}" ; trac-admin /home/trac/openpam download add openpam-${yyyymmdd}.tar.gz.asc type=signature
    author=des version={Relname} description="OpenPAM {Relname}" ; }}}