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OpenPAM Micrampelis

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OpenPAM Micrampelis was released on 2012-05-26.

  • FEATURE Add an openpam_readword(3) function which reads the next word from an input stream, applying shell quoting and escaping rules. Add numerous unit tests for openpam_readword(3).

  • FEATURE Add an openpam_readlinev(3) function which uses the openpam_readword(3) function to read words from an input stream one at a time until it reaches an unquoted, unescaped newline, and returns an array of those words. Add several unit tests for openpam_readlinev(3).

  • FEATURE Add a PAM_HOST item which pam_start(3) initializes to the machine's hostname. This was implemented in Lycopsida but inadvertantly left out of the release notes.

  • FEATURE In pam_get_authtok(3), if neither the application nor the module have specified a prompt and PAM_HOST and PAM_RHOST are both defined but not equal, use a different default prompt that includes PAM_USER and PAM_HOST.

  • ENHANCE Rewrite the policy parser to used openpam_readlinev(), which greatly simplifies the code.

  • ENHANCE The previous implementation of the policy parser relied on the openpam_readline(3) function, which (by design) munges whitespace and understands neither quotes nor backslash escapes. As a result of the aforementioned rewrite, whitespace, quotes and backslash escapes in policy files are now handled in a consistent and predictable manner.

  • ENHANCE On platforms that have it, use fdlopen(3) to load modules. This closes the race between the ownership / permission check and the dlopen(3) call.

  • ENHANCE Reduce the amount of pointless error messages generated while searching for a module.

  • ENHANCE Numerous documentation improvements, both in content and formatting.

  • BUGFIX A patch incorporated in Lycopsida inadvertantly changed OpenPAM's behavior when several policies exist for the same service, from ignoring all but the first to concatenating them all. Revert to the original behavior.

  • BUGFIX Plug a memory leak in the policy parser.

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