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OpenPAM Nummularia

Known errata:

OpenPAM Nummularia was released on 2013-09-07.

  • ENHANCE Rewrite the dynamic loader to improve readability and reliability. Modules can now be listed without the ".so" suffix in the policy file; OpenPAM will automatically add it, just like it will automatically add the version number if required.

  • ENHANCE Allow openpam_straddch(3) to be called without a character so it can be used to preallocate a string.

  • ENHANCE Improve portability by adding simple asprintf(3) and vasprintf(3) implementations for platforms that don't have them.

  • ENHANCE Move the libpam sources into a separate subdirectory.

  • ENHANCE Substantial documentation improvements.

  • BUGFIX When openpam_readword(3) encountered an opening quote, it would set the first byte in the buffer to '\0', discarding all existing text and, unless the buffer was empty to begin with, all subsequent text as well. This went unnoticed because none of the unit tests for quoted strings had any text preceding the opening quote.

  • BUGFIX make --with-modules-dir work the way it was meant to work (but never did).

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